In the run-up to the wedding, I did a lot of googling on the best tips and tricks for your wedding day. The do and don’ts for both you and the groom and your wedding parties. These are all the things I read these are what we did and worked to help things run smoothly on our special day.

Set Everyone Responsibilities.

This may sound silly but I found giving each of my girls set roles and responsibilities throughout the day helped me not become overwhelmed and things run smoothly. I started by writing down all the things that I knew needed doing or that I wanted to make sure I didn’t forget. I then went through the list and divided them among all my girls taking into consideration their strengths.

Have a Morning Of Timeline.

I love to be organized anyway but I found making a table with the time everyone would be arriving, what time everyone needed to get ready, the time breakfast was being served, etc helped the morning run smoothly and meant no one was asking me these questions as it was printed out and stuck to the door for everyone to see. This defiantly helps if you have outside vendors coming in or are doing it yourself on some land as we did.

Timing For Hair and Makeup.

During booking my hair and makeup we spoke about how long roughly every person would take so they could work out what time they needed to arrive on the day. I then used this information to make a list of what order each of us girls would have our hair and makeup done so it run smoothly and everyone knew when they needed to make sure they were showered and ready. This helped not only unnecessary breaks between everyone because no one was ready but also meant that we didn’t fall behind in time and the morning run smoothly.

Organize Everything The Day Before.

No matter how prepared you are there are always things that need doing on the morning of your wedding. I found putting things in piles together and making sure I passed on the information of where and how I wanted things set up the morning of the wedding. This again helped stop the 100 questions and having to make decisions while you are trying to get ready.

Photo Wish List.

Your photographer no matter how amazing they are will struggle to remember every specific photo you want on the day. So make them a list, and break it down into the sections of the day so it’s easy for them to read and make sure they are getting all the photos you wish for. I also printed off a copy of the list to give to my chief bridesmaid and an usher so they could help the photographer round everyone up for the photos.

This being said we had planned on taking time out of the reception to go and have our couple photos. However, on the day, once we were there in the moment we both didn’t want to leave so told our photographer. We brought all our wedding outfits so have decided to get dressed up again and have a separate shoot to get our couple’s photos. It’s not traditional but what felt right on the day and we still want them photos so thought why not.

Practise Bustling Your Dress.

This can be a little tricky, especially after a few drinks and with acrylic nails so practice doing this with your designated person who will help you on the day. I would recommend showing a few people so you know there is defiantly someone who will be able to help you.

Take All Your Jewerally Off The Night Before.

With the morning of your wedding being busy, it can be easy to forget to take your jewelry off the night before. If you’re wanting your engagement ring back on after the ceremony tell your chosen person where your ring is so they can make sure you get it at the reception.

Enjoy It And Take In Every Moment.

The day goes by so fast so enjoy every moment. Remember to just sit next to your husband and look around, watch all your loved ones enjoying sharing your special day with. If you want the drink, have it, if you want to stick with your husband do it, if you don’t do it. Do what you want, how you want, and when you want. The only thing you will regret is not having fun and enjoying your day.

Don’t Get Hung Up On Details.

Lastly, I know it sounds crazy in the lead-up to your wedding but I can honestly say things didn’t go to plan on my wedding day. Things that I was so concerned about before didn’t matter on the most amazing day of my life. All I cared about was marrying my best friend and celebrating that with all our loved ones.

Enjoy your most special day and relish in the fact that you are marrying your best friend.