Baby bear has always enjoyed being in the car and travelling in his car seat so its always been easier for us to travel with him, but we have noticed as he is getting older he wants more thing to entertain him on the longer journeys. So these are my tips and tricks for the car portion of your travelling journey to make it as easy as possible and an enjoyable experience for your whole family. 

Snack for Baby Bear and Daddy Bear. 

Depending on what Baby Bear has eaten during the day, depends on whether I give him dinner before we leave or just a snack to last him till we reach the first services to get him dinner there.  Either way I always make sure I have a pot of fruit and a snack bar in his change bag on hand ready to give to him when he requests a snack. This helps stop any melt downs about him being hungry while we are in the car and helps keep him content.

I always make sure his change bag in in his foot well of the car so that it is accessible at all times without having to stop or hunt through the car trying to find it. My change bag has 2 handy pockets, one on each side which i use to store a couple of dummy’s as Baby bear has a habit of taking them out his mouth to eat and dropping them. While the other side houses his water bottle, as these are the 2 main things he asks for other than snacks.

Water bottle pocket.
Dummy pocket. 

I also make sure that i put all the bags and things we are taking with us in the kitchen ready to pack. We find this handy as Daddy bear can just pack it all in the car easily and quickly and I  can focus on getting Baby bear into some comfortable pyjamas and making sure he has a clean nappy without having to worry about whether Daddy Bear has packed everything we are taking.

Once the car is packed and Baby bear is ready, I put Baby bear in the car and set up his film on the tablet using our really handy tablet head rest holder I ordered off of Amazon. While, Daddy bear will take Bonnie to the toilet and clip her into her car anchor. I also make sure I have a blanket that’s not packed as Baby bear likes to snuggle up in his car seat, it also helps keep him warm as Daddy bear likes it slightly cooler in the car while he is driving. 

Once we are all in the car Baby bear is amazing, he sits and watches his film, and lets us know nicely when he wants something which I can then easily get for him due to it all being in one place ready. As it is becoming lighter for longer in the evenings, we have found he isn’t falling asleep in the car like he use to in the winter time, but we have found as long as he is able to watch his films and has his dummy and blanket he is pretty content the whole journey. 

So, these have been my tips and tricks on how we make travelling with Baby bear as smooth as possible for us all. Hope these help make your journeys alittle easier on both yourself and your toddler.