If you have been following our TTC story you will know we have had a lot of blood tests done. We got all our test results back yesterday at our appointment with our Fertility Specialist. Daddy bear wasn’t able to get the time off work to join me at the appointment but I was lucky enough to have one of my oldest and closest friends come with me. I know it might seem strange to take a friend to that type of appointment but I’m not the type of person to be able to do it alone. I need someone with me not only to support me but to also listen to what the doctor is saying as I don’t also understand everything that is said. I would advice taking someone with you for these type of appointments as it can be upsetting for you while trying to listen and take in all the information given to you.

blood test forms
fertility blood tests.

Anyway, I know you want to know whats going on with us. So let’s just get on with what we have found out and what the plan is for any future pregnancies. So my doctor started by going over Daddy bears Karyotyping results. He let me know that Daddy bears results were completely normal which means there are no abnormalities in his Chromosomes so his genetics that are passed onto our babies are completely normal and healthy. Which means he isn’t the reason we are having our miscarriages.

So then he moved onto my test results…

He told me that my Karyotyping results were also normal so I also have no genetic abnormalities. He then went over my Progesterone (Hormone), Blood Sugar, Gonadotrophins (Hormone) and some others (I don’t have a clue how to even pronounce them let alone write them down) which all come back normal and within the normal ranges which he was happy about. He then moved onto my Antiphospholipid (aPL) antibody and lupus anticoagulant (Blood Clotting). As you may know from my TTC post from our ultrasound my first results from these testes where abnormal so they were run again.

He explained that the second result had shown the same abnormality as the first and what that meant for me. He explained that you have 2 chromosomes which should both be normal, however, I have 1 normal and 1 abnormal which just means I am a carrier for the Blood Clotting issue. He then went on to explain that when I get pregnant the 1 abnormal chromosome becomes the dominant which means I then form small blood clots in the vessels growing to support my pregnancy which means blood is unable to flow leading in miscarriage.

This was the point I lost it, I was trying so hard to not cry but when he said there was an abnormality in my results I couldn’t hold it together. I thought I would just feel relieved once we had the test results which part of me did. I’m glad we have answers but the rest of me is heartbroken that I’m the reason which scares the life out of me that we will keep miscarrying.

He told me that our plan is to take daily Clexane Injection to help thin my blood as the daily baby aspirin hasn’t worked with our previous pregnancies. So he wants to try and stronger blood thinner as that’s the only indicator of an issue from my blood tests we had done.

We no longer need to see him in the clinic as there is nothing else he can do for us until we get a positive pregnancy test. He has told me to ring his office as soon as we get a positive test so he can test my HCG level and start the daily injections. This hit me hard, I think because I know that means there’s nothing else they can do to help us. We just had to see if the next pregnancy sticks, which scares me to think it could happen again and there’s not much anyone can do to stop it. However, he did say we have an 85% chance of falling pregnant and having a healthy pregnancy without any interventions which gives us hope but also makes us question why we have had 3 miscarriages if our chances are so high. Either way, I’m glad our doctor didn’t tell us it was something that we couldn’t try and correct, or that we couldn’t have any more successful pregnancies.