As many of you know we have been trying to get pregnant with Baby number 2 for over a year now. After having a miscarriage earlier in the year I honestly thought it would never happen for us. So when we finally got our positive this month we were so excited to watch my belly grow and share our news with our family friends but nervous at the same time. 

pregnancy test.
Our positive. 

Part of me already knew we were pregnant before I took a test as I had a slight water infection the day I was due on my period. I had the same thing when I fell pregnant with Baby bear. I was 5 days late when I finally got enough courage to take a test. Even though I had a feeling, I was terrified of seeing another negative.

Even though they were faint we had our positive. It was Saturday when we found out, it was so hard waiting for Monday morning to ring the midwife. We couldn’t wait to plan how we would tell our family and friends. We knew we wanted Baby bear involved. We knew we couldn’t wait for a scan so we decided we would get Baby bear his own top to wear when we see everyone for them to find out. 

Baby bears top.
Baby bears top. 

We ended up ordering him this one as we knew our rough due date because of tracking my cycle. We were so excited. It was all we could talk about. Monday morning come and I rung to book my first appointment with the midwife. I felt so good no signs of anything going wrong. 

This was until Tuesday afternoon. I started lightly bleeding. I tried staying positive I had no cramps and the bleeding wasn’t bad. That was until about an hour later when I was doubled over in pain from cramping and heavy bleeding. I rung my doctor who told me to go over to our local hospitals a&e. 

It was happening again…

After sitting for 7 and half hours waiting, 2 examinations and a full blood test. We were sadly told my HCG levels were only 58. To low to be 5 weeks like I thought, to low to scan and check on the baby. We were told to go home and go back to the hospital 48 hours later for a blood retest to see what my levels were doing.

The worst 48 hours of my life. We were convinced we had lost the baby. There was no way in my head I was still pregnant with all the cramping, bleeding and clots I was having. Thursday couldn’t come quick enough so we could just find out what was happening. 

The time finally come to have my blood drawn. Our friends stayed at our house with Baby bear while we went to the hospital as we had to go at 8.30pm. After my blood test, I had to wait to see the doctor to talk through some pains I was having. While we was there my blood results come back for the doctor to give to us instead of me having to ring. 

We finally knew. We could make a better plan…

My HCG levels had doubled. I went from 58-147 in 48 hours. We are so happy. The doctor informed us we aren’t out of the woods yet but it is looking positive. We have to go again Saturday night again to be tested again to check my numbers are still doubling.

We are feeling very hopeful, my bleeding is calming down, the cramping is getting better. I wouldn’t have shared our news with everyone yet until we had our scan but with everything going on I don’t want to keep it quiet. We are so happy for our pregnancy to be hopefully going to right way we want to share our good news.

I will keep you all updated but please keep us in your prayers and hopefully , we will be introducing you to Little Bear around March 2019.