And it begins – the Fertility appointments have started.

Needles, scans, appointments, forms to fill out. This is our life now I guess.

If your new here check out my previous posts to catch up on whats going on for us in our TTC Journey.

We had our first appointment at the Fertility clinic this week. I had no idea what to expect but I knew it was a step in the right direction for us to finally get some answers. We made sure Daddy bear was able to have the time off work so he could join me for the appointment. Before our appointment they send me a 10 page form we (Daddy bear gave me his birth certificate if that counts as helping to fill it in) needed to fill in.

This form was basically them wanting to know everything about my past pregnancies, medical history, family history for both me and Daddy bear. It was the first thing my consultant went through with us at the beginning of our appointment. They also took both our height, weight, and blood pressure before we see the consultant.

Once we were in there he went through everything on the form we filled out then talked through how my pregnancy was with Baby bear. He then went on to explain what the next steps would be for us and what he wanted our plan to be. It was also explained to us how even after all these tests we still may not be any of the wiser to what is causing us to miscarry. We already knew this from some research I had done before the appointment but it sucked a little actually hearing that we might never know why we lost our babies.

He then moved onto the blood forms and let me tell you it was a lot to take in.

Fertility appointment blood forms
That’s right – 4 blood forms.

He decided that he wanted to check both mine and Daddy bears genetics to check they are compatible and that they aren’t the issue. I am also having pretty much everything else checked including my hormone levels on day 2 of my cycle and a fasting Glucose. 2 of this forms had to be completed at the hospital instead of our urgent care which is closer to us. It is also so much easier to get my blood drawn when someone else is there to help watch Baby bear for me.

Daddy bear was also meant to get his form for the genetic test. However, he decided to ignore me for the past 2 years we have lived here and didn’t register with the GP surgery. Due to this, they couldn’t find him on the system for his NHS number so we had to get that done before he can get the blood test done. Typical Daddy bear, nothing is ever straight forward. I love him but really…

Anyway, me having no real idea what tests the doctor actually ordered I decided to have the 2 blood forms I could do that day done. Little did I know that was 9 viles of blood. Needless to say we had to stop half way through as I begun to feel so faint and just not good. I’ve never had that much blood taken before and I really hope I won’t have to ever again. They took that much blood, I don’t really remember much of the trip home from the hospital, it felt like I was drunk but really faint and tired at the same time, it wasn’t a nice feeling. That night I felt like I was hungover mixed with feeling light headed. I couldn’t function all I wanted to do was sleep.

Ever since I’ve had a banging headache that doesn’t go away even with painkillers. But, I know that feeling this bad is so worth it and as much as I don’t want another huge blood draw like that again I will doit 100x over if it will help us get a baby in my arms. The things we do for our children…

Either way I have a couple of weeks before my next blood draw as I need to wait for day 2 of my cycle. This is so we can test my hormone level and I’m just going to do the glucose test then aswell so I only have to do it with Baby bear once.

He also informed us he wants to do an internal scan on me to see whats going on inside my womb. He also said he wants to take some samples while they are inside (I’m not sure why or what for but I’m not say no to anything). So we have to wait for that appointment to come through and go from there.

As always I will keep you all up to date with our journey. I hope that if your having to go through the same thing this has given you a rough idea of what to expect from your first appointment.