Its been a while since I update you all on whats going on with my latest miscarriage and to be honest I was putting it off. I shouldn’t have to do this, our baby should still be with us. Anyway, the last thing I told you was that my numbers had started dropping and we were waiting for a plan of action. So a couple of days after we got the results, our doctor rung us to tell us we were going to wait 3 weeks and take a home pregnancy test to check it was negative. However, we were told if anything got really bad to go over to the hospital to be checked over.

We were lucky enough (if you can call it that) to not have any complications with the bleeding and pain. However, the 3-week mark landed right on my birthday which put a downer on my whole day. To be honest, I was hoping for a negative result.

I just wanted it to be over.

I wanted to feel myself again.

I wanted to play with Baby bear without being in so much pain.

Anyway, we got our negative pregnancy test. We updated the hospital and waited for another phone call with the plan of action. We have now been told they think our problem might be something called, Antiphospholipid Syndrome (APS) or sticky blood syndrome. This basically means my blood becomes to sticky for the fetus to implant in my womb which means I then miscarry. We haven’t confirmed this, we have to wait till we fall pregnant again basically however when we get our next positive they have advised I take a baby aspirin each day until the 12-week mark. However, they have warned us this won’t stop it happening again it might not be this at all but something else. I figure what is the harm? They have also said it is very common for women to have 2 miscarriages then have a healthy full-term pregnancy but again we might not. Its all a guessing game really which sucks but also leads into the next part of the update.

I started to feel at ease with everything that had happened and what we had been told, this was until I started my cycle…

As soon as I got the first cramp, I broke down all over again. I shouldn’t be having a period (TMI but…) I should be super tired, feeling sick, growing our baby and I’m not and its shit.

Going through all this, I’ve found a really helpful website that I wanted to share with you if you ever know someone going through this or you do yourself (I really wish no one does but its more common that I first knew). Its called Tommy’s, which is a charity that does so much good and research into miscarriages, stillbirth, premature birth and pregnancy complications. It is definitely worth a look at even if you’re not facing any of these things because they are an amazing charity.