So I know it has been quite some time since I shared anything related to our TTC journey. In fact, my last post about it was my Ectopic pregnancy follow-up appointment we had back November time so it has been a few months. I said in that post that we were going to stop ‘trying’ until after Christmas and I got a few people asking if that meant we would be using birth control until we decided we were ready to start our TTC journey again. So I just wanted to answer that here before moving on, it takes us months to fall pregnant when we are tracking my cycle, taking supplements and doing all the things so we knew there was a very small chance of us falling pregnant over Christmas. That isn’t to say it couldn’t have happened or that we would have been upset if it had just that we know my body pretty well after doing this for 3 years. I also am against the idea of using any birth control other than condoms due to not wanting to put any hormones into my body and let’s be honest who actually likes wearing condoms (this being said always practice safe sex).

Anyways, back to this update, now we have gotten Christmas out the way and we have our feet back on earth we have decided we are going to start tracking my cycle this month. Daddy bear is away on my ovulation week so this I’m using this month to just take a closer eye into my cycle and just confirm what my body is doing ready to actually start ‘trying’ next month when Daddy bear is home. This is another reason why getting my tattoo updated when we were in Essex last weekend was so important, I wanted to make sure it was done so I didn’t have to put it off anymore. I wanted to have something for our babies with me all the time. I also didn’t want to get my tattoo while we were TTCing, just in case (I know they say it’s fine but…)

It will look better once it’s healed but I love it anyway.

At first, I couldn’t decide if there was any point using my Clearblue ovulation tests since my tubal removal from our ectopic pregnancy. Only because of my right ovary gives me pain every month around the days I’m due to ovulate (going off my periods). However, it gives me pain for 2-3 days so to make sure I’m getting my peak day I’m going to use them the way I was before paired with my Ovia app.

I must admit deciding to start trying again wasn’t an easy decision for me to make (I’m not sure about daddy bear). There are so many feelings and emotions tied up with it all now. After so many losses, the pain, fear, and nervousness seem to sallow me hole at times during our TTC journey. That’s not to say the idea of trying for a baby doesn’t excite me and is something I want it’s just scary.