I have been going to wales for our holiday for as long as I can remember each summer. We have close family friends who own a diary farm which we camp on. I took Baby bear on my own last year as Daddy bear couldn’t get the time off his new job. When we found out Daddy bear could join us this year we was so excited to go as a family with Bonnie.

The field and our view. 

Once we got there Daddy bear set up the tent with help from the family as I was still recovering. Aunt K took Baby bear up the farm to see the animals which he loved. 

baby bear and cows
Baby bear with the cows. 
baby bear and sheep
Baby bear with the Sheep. 

Once we was all set up we all decided to take a walk to a local pub for a cold beverage to start off the holiday. Baby bear loved running across the fields with his older cousins, aunt and uncles. 

walking to the pub.
Walking to the pub. 
sun fun day.
Enjoying the Sun. 

Once we got back to the campsite, I went for a lay down to let some of my painkillers work. This holiday was taking a toll on my body even more already, it was the only thing letting it down. While I took a nap, everyone had a water fight to cool down as it was so warm.

water fun
Water fun. 

After dinner, we all had some ice cream and played some games as a family. 

holiday ice cream
Baby bear with his ice cream. 

We couldn’t wait to see what the rest of the holiday was to bring…