The day started off as a completely normal morning on holiday, we all had breakfast together and planned what we would do that day. While we were getting everything ready for the day Baby bear played in the field with his favorite tractor he found.

baby bear on the holiday tractor.
Baby bear on the tractor. 

We decided to go to St Fagans Museum of Welsh History. We like going here as there is a lot to see and do for the whole family.

Baby bear loved being able to walk around all the building setups, even though he didn’t understand what they were he took his time walking around taking it all in.

baby bear exploring.
Baby bear exploring. 

We then found an area where local tradespeople and small business owners where selling their goods and creations. As we walked around seeing what was on offer we found a tent where Baby bear could paint his very own ornament/money box. Baby bear, of course, picked the elephant money box which he then had great fun painting with nanny (nanny is always better than mummy given the option).

artist baby bear
My artist. 
nanny and baby bear
Nanny and Baby bear

Once he had finished his masterpiece he then found the ride on tractors. If he wasn’t a huge lover of tractors before he defiantly become one while on holiday. 

Tractor boy
Tractor Boy. 

After an eventful picnic with a lot of uninvited guests, we continued to walk around the grounds exploring what they had to offer there. It was amazing watching Baby bear take in everything around him.

walking together
Baby bear walking with Mumma. 

He loves being outside in nature so we wanted to do that as much as possible this holiday. We love watching him explore and take it all in. 

Baby bear
Baby bear. 

One of mine and Baby bears favorite things was the sensory gardens. Baby bear was starting to get tired by the time we got to the gardens so he experienced it from grandad’s arms. 

baby bear and grandad
Baby bear and grandad

A lot then happened with Bonnie which took over our day…

It was the hardest day we have had other than our miscarriages. We never imagined we would lose Bonnie.

In the evening, nanny mentioned going down to the beach for an hour or so to help take our mind off things. It took our minds of everything while Daddy bear and Baby bear played in the sea and I was able to watch the sun start to come up.

I couldn’t wait for the day and holiday to be over if I was honest but at the same time, I couldn’t wait to try and enjoy the rest of our holiday together as a family.