We had a better day than yesterday but that wasn’t hard given everything we went through (losing Bonnie). It was a hard day for us but we tried not to show Baby bear how sad and down we were. We at first wanted to spend the day as a family together. However, when my family said they were going to the Nast Point Light House, we changed our minds.

We had never been here so we wanted to take the chance to go and explore somewhere new with the family while on holiday with everyone. We are so glad we did, it is so beautiful and remote there.

the view

It was a relaxing day…exactly what we needed already only 3 days into this holiday. I was able to sit watching the other play in the sea and sunbath halfway up the cliff on a ledge while Daddy bear, grandad, aunties and uncle all took Baby bear down to the sea to play in the water and go climbing on all the rocks.

looking at the view
everyone enjoying the water

After spending an hour or so down at the water the boys/men come up with the great idea of climbing up to the next cliff top to have a look at the views. 

Looking at the climb I thought it was the worst idea anyone has ever had and was sure I wouldn’t be going up there. That was until Baby bear declared he was following grandad and uncle (who was halfway up) so Mumma had no choice but to go. Once we started to climb we found ‘steps’ that had made into the mud up the cliff which made the climb easier and grandad come down to help me get us both up the cliff safely.

climbing up the cliff

Once we got to the top it was simply breathtaking, you could see straight over the horizon. Baby bear even got to see some boats being sailed the other side of the cliff.

When we were packing up the cars ready to head back to the camp, we all decided to stop pass one of the pubs on our way back to have a drink. While sitting in the beer garden talking, me and Daddy bear decided to take my mums offer of a babysitter so we could go on a date night. Boy it was sure needed. As soon as we got back to camp I changed into something a little nicer while Daddy bear looked for a restaurant in the area.

Wagamama’s it was…and by gosh it was sooo good. Living where we do in Lincolnshire we don’t have any restaurant like that so we couldn’t wait. It worked out perfect as it was in the McArthurglen design outlet where we wanted to go to look for my birthday presents from Daddy bear and Baby bear. 

me and daddy bear

It was so nice actually being able to walk around a shop and looking instead of worrying about what Baby bear was doing. Thanks, nanny for watching Baby bear for us.