We have been talking about going to a pick your own fruit farm for a while. we knew Baby bear would love it. So we decided while we was on holiday we would go and do it. We also wanted to do a melted chocolate and fruit night while away so it worked out perfectly. We googled the closest one to us and found Hendrewennol Farm so got ready to head out. As we was getting ready my aunt decided she wanted to join us as well as Baby bears uncle and aunt. So once we was all ready we head off ready to pick our fruit. Once we got there, paid to get in and got our fruit boxes we headed into the fields to pick. Considering we got there pretty much when it opened there was quite a lot of people there so there wasn’t loads of ripe fruit available but we got enough considering. Baby bear was also eating a lot of what we picked and what he picked himself (mostly unripe…I know bad parenting, he seemed to like them) while we was walking around. We defiantly got our moneys worth.
picking his fruit
I liked the fact that the strawberries were on the ground so Baby bear could actually walk along and find his own fruit. The raspberries on the other hand where quite tall to the point that I struggled at times reaching the fruit (I’m 5ft4). Baby bear loves having Daddy bear around all the time as he works during the week, the whole holiday he didn’t leave his side. It was the cutest thing watching Baby bear following Daddy bear around trying to show him fruit he thought was ready
following daddy bear
Once we had finished picking our fruit on our way out the fields they have the weigh and pay stations. For all the fruit we picked it cost just over #6 which I thought was pretty reasonable.
They also had a treasure hunt and play areas for Baby bear to also do. It was so nice, Baby bear loved running around exploring with Daddy bear while I enjoyed the lovely weather we had this holiday.
exploring on holiday
They also found a area for building huts which is right up Daddy Bears road. Baby bear liked helping to but wasn’t as into it as Daddy. I have 2 boys sometimes but I love it.
building huts
daddy bears hut
When we left we decided to head over to the beach again as it was so warm and the boys love spending their holiday in the water. So after a quick pit stop at the camp to get our swim stuff we headed over for a relaxing afternoon at the beach relaxing. To top our day off we got to enjoy our fruit and chocolate after dinner and it was so good, well worth walking around in the heat and fighting off wasps.