Not only do we have my side of the family in Wales, we also have Daddy bears side of the family there as well so we always make sure to see them when we are on holiday. So today we planned a whole day out with our cousins and their little boys. Needless to say Baby bear loved having boys his age to play with and his older cousin to show him how to do things.

As we don’t know whats around for the boys to do we decided to let our cousins decide. They told us about Wiggleys Fun Farms, and when we looked online it looked perfect for the boys with plenty to do to keep them all busy. We couldn’t wait to see them all and have a catch up as we don’t get to see them very often.

When we arrived I did the mumma safety assessment (checking for possible escape routines Baby bear would use mainly) while Daddy bear took Baby bear off to explore the huge indoor climbing frame while we waited. Please tell me I’m not the only mumma who worries about that sort of stuff while Daddy’s don’t half as much.

little play area

Little play area

big play area

Big play area

When they arrived we got a drink and had a little catch up while the boys went off and played a little before we took them to the outside area. There was so much to do there, huge indoor and outdoor climbing frames and a selection of animals you could feed.


Playing on the Slide

Mummas playing to

Mumma bear had to join in

Needless to say Baby bear loved every second of the day, it was everything he loved doing. And we enjoyed catching up with our cousins and just hanging out with them and the boys. We wish we could spend more time with them but living so far and having busy life’s stops us, unfortunately. So we take as much time as we can while we are on holiday to spend with them.