We always try to make sure we are on holiday around the time of the Vale of Glamorgan Show. We have been going there for as long as I can remember. If you have read my blog about our trip to the Wrangle Show you will know how much we enjoy going to shows.

We were quite disappointed this year as it was smaller than other years. The one big difference we noticed was they didn’t have a main areana showing all the stunt bikes, hunting hounds and things we enjoyed watching. However, we still had a good day wandering around looking at all the different stalls.

Baby bear enjoyed being somewhat free to walk around freely (with his Gruffalo reins of course) stroking as many doggies as he could on his way.

This was the first ‘big’ show Baby bear has been to so we enjoyed watching him take in all his surroundings. I didn’t take any photos while at the show as it was so busy and Baby bear didn’t really want to be in his pram which was fine but it meant I wasn’t comfortable not focusing 100% on him to take photos.

Its kind of a tradition for us to go out to a local fish and chip restaurant after we get back from the show so that’s exactly what we did. Its nothing major but its become a big thing for us as a family. This was the first time this holiday we went to eat out because it had been such nice weather we had just been having snacky type dinners at the campsite so we enjoyed having dinner without having to make it or clean up.

Baby bear

Baby bear enjoyed dinner.

We had such a good day with family spending quality time together.