Our last day on holiday before we pack up and head back to my parents for the weekend. I wanted to spend the morning starting to pack everything up before we went to visit some more family in the afternoon. Daddy bear decided he wanted to have a look around Homebase so when my parents said they were going to the Amelia Trust and asked if they could take Baby Bear I took them up.

We had meant to take him this holiday but didn’t get round to it so I was excited for him to go and see all the animals they have and explore. Win-Win in my eyes he was having fun and I was able to start packing without both the boys under my feet.

Needless to say, he loved every second and tired himself out ready for a nap before our visit with family.



Baby bear and pig

Piggy friend.

Baby bear and grandad

Baby bear and grandad.

Once he was back he loaded him up into our car and headed off to see our family. We loved seeing them and Baby bear enjoyed seeing more family and being spoilt. We are lucky enough that our family owns an amazing Chinese restaurant, New Garden, which we are always lucky enough to be able to visit. Baby bear loves going to the restaurant as they have an open fish pond in the middle of it which you can stand on a bridge and watch the fish.

I even impressed myself and daddy bear, actually eating our whole meal with chopsticks.

I know, impressive.

Once we had returned to the camp, my parents had packed everything other than their tent up ready to head home so we decided that Baby bear would travel back with them as we had barely started. So the next morning, we said our goodbyes to Baby bear before packing our car in the pouring rain with my brother before following my parents back to their house for the weekend.

This holiday was defiantly different, and one we will never forget but I think Baby bear had the best time and we enjoyed spending time with family so that’s all that matters I guess.