I combined both these days of holiday as they were all very chilled days where we didn’t do much at all. We just enjoyed spending time with family and relaxing. That’s what holidays are for though right?

Feeding the chickens

Feeding the chickens

On aunt Ks floaty

On Aunt Ks inflatable

                    (Why is Daddy bears butt in most of my holiday photos?!)

Day 5, someone didn’t listen to me the last 3 days of our holiday and refused sun cream so was now super sunburnt. I’ll give you a hint it wasn’t Baby bear…

So when everyone headed off to the beach Daddy bear said he wanted to headed into Cowbridge to have a look around the nick-nack shops. But walking around in the heat proved a little to much for us all, mainly Daddy bear so we wasn’t there very long before heading back.

We also wanted to give Baby bear a nap before we went to a party in the afternoon. It all worked out perfect really as we grabbed lunch on our way back to camp which then meant Baby bear fell asleep in the car.

The plan worked, he woke up super happy and was up to seeing all the new faces. But of course he was more interested in the farm dogs than he was speaking to people.

Holiday doggy friends

Always making doggy friends


Day 6, we decided to take a trip into Bridgend with my parents to have a wonder around the shops there to see what we could find Baby bear to do. Me and Grandad like to look in the charity shops to see what treasures we can find. We decided that once we had finished shopping we would spend the rest of the day just relaxing at the farm. However, me and Nanny decided to pop into Asda while Baby bear napped to see if we could find him something to do there.

We found the coolest (yes, I did say coolest) play dough potato head set. He loves playing with it creating different faces.

playdough figure

Baby Bears creations


I love watching his imagination take shape when he is left to just do as he wishes.