Date night has become a very rare occasion for us since we moved. We often have a date night at home once Baby bear has gone to bed. We try and go out for a date night when we go and see family in Essex but with trying to spend time with family this doesn’t happen all the time. However, thanks to our amazing friend V having Baby bear, we got to get dressed up and go out to a restaurant for some us time. Some much needed us time, and just in time for Daddy bear to go away with work in a couple of weeks.

The night before we went out we were trying to decide between a restaurant we go to every time we go out for dinner and a new one that’s not long opened and we haven’t been to before. We had a 40% off voucher for the restaurant we have never tried so that made me want to try there. However, I know, how fussy we can be and Daddy bear was having a cheat day for this so I wanted to know we wouldn’t be let down by the food or service. We decided to look online at the menus and compare them. When we went onto the 12 Oars website they had an offer on to get 40% off if you booked a table for a weeknight. That made the decision, we booked a table and of course decided what we were most likely going to order. I know we aren’t the only ones who do this.

Daddy bear was still working that day so V and I decided to take Baby bear and L swimming to not only wear them out a little before V had them both in the evening. And of course, we love spending time with our girls. I was lucky enough that V picked Baby bear up an hour before Daddy bear was due home so it gave me enough time to have a little pamper and self-care ready for our night. I must have tried on about 6 outfits before settling on something safe and basic.

Once Daddy bear had come home, showered and got changed I was finally ready and after some photos, we headed out. I’m not going to lie I had butterflies on our way there, like first date nerves. I was excited to spend some quality time with Daddy bear and have a full conversation without having to worry about Baby bear. We arrived a little early but we were lucky enough our table was ready.

So we ordered our food, starters, main (that never happens) and a drink. Then sat down to enjoy each other’s company undisturbed and some good food. It was such a lovely night and it was all thanks to V because without her having Baby bear it wouldn’t have been possible.

date night
Enjoying a glass of wine and great company.
great food -date night
Great food.