We recently had some visitors come to see us. Nanny brought Great Nanna (Nanna) up to see us and the house for the first time. We have been trying to organize for Great Nanna to come up since we moved but have always struggled to find a good weekend. So when the opportunity come about for her to visit of course we jumped at it and Nanny is always looking for a chance to come and see us. Well mainly Baby bear lets be honest he is the favorite around here.

We don’t get to have family visit very often so when they do come we try to make sure our time is jam-packed with things to do. It happened that the Brewery near us was having a Sausage and beer festival that sounded fun. We also knew we wanted to take them to the beach if it was nice. Baby bear also requested we “take Nanny and Nanna to the machines (arcades) so we had somewhat of a plan for the weekend.

They arrived on Friday night but it was after Baby bears bedtime so he was so excited Saturday morning when he went into the spare room to find our visitors. He took no time in showing Nanna all of his toys and of course, she had some gifts for him. While they were playing Daddy bear made us all a breakfast spread of pancakes, croissants, coffee, tea, and juice.

Nanna and baby bear playing
Nanna and Baby bear Playing.

Once we were all dressed we head to Gibraltar Point to go down onto the beach there as it is always so quiet. It’s perfect down there as not many people use the beach there so we can just let Baby bear go off and explore (within reason). I would fully recommend to try and find a nature reserve with a beach or a spot of beach that isn’t by amusements as it will be quieter 9 times out of 10. Baby bear had so much fun playing in the water and he loved having the freedom to walk back and forth between me and Daddy bear at the water.

Baby bear enjoying our visitors
Baby bear enjoying our visitors.
Beach fun.
Baby bear at the Beach.
baby bear enjoying the beach.
Baby bear enjoying the beach.

After spending the late morning early afternoon at the beach we went home to get ready for our afternoon at the pub. Baby bear also ended up having a well-needed nap. We then went and had a lovely late afternoon early evening having a few drinks, playing games and just enjoying each others company.

While we were out at the pub Saturday Nanna decided to book a table for us all to have a carvery. It was horrible weather Sunday so after our meal, we went home to play with Baby bear and relax. Later that evening Nanny suggested going to the ‘machines’ for a little fun before Baby bears bedtime. We all had a lot of fun and Baby bear got so many presents from the machines before we even traded in our tickets we also got. Needless to say, he was a very happy boy.

baby bear and nanny at the arcades.
Baby bear and Nanny at the arcade.