As you may know Baby Bear is obsessed with Lego and had talked about wanting to go to Legoland. So we decided to surprise him with a day out there for his birthday. So I thought I would share with you everything about the day to help you plan your visit there.

Ticket Prices.

Day Tickets – From £34 For Pre Booking instead of £66 on the day.

As well as saving up to £32 on your booking it also guarantees your entry into the park and skip the ticket queues.

We found out that you can prebook your small children a ticket and if when you arrive they are under the 90cm height limit you can get a refund back on the ticket price. If you do not purchase a ticket and they are over the 90cm height limit you will be charges the gate price for them. We did this for Sweet Bear and it was a very easy and quick process.

Legoland Annual Passes – These start from £49 each.

This is for a years entry into the park, 10% off in the retail shop as well as 20% off food and drinks. It also includes free parking.

Short Breaks – These start at £59.25 each.

This includes an overnight stay in the hotel and breakfast.


Standard Parking – £8 Online or £10 On The Day.

This carpark is located opposite the main park entrance and also means you get to avoid the queues by already having your ticket ready.

Priority Parking – £13 Online or £16 On The Day.

This carpark is located next to the main park entrance. Follow the signs for priority parking as you enter the park. Last admission into this parking is at 12pm however.

Annual Pass Exclusive Parking – £5 Online Only.

This carpark is located opposite the main park entrance. You also avoid the queues by having your tickets ready. This is available for Legoland Adult & Toddler, Silver Legoland Annual Pass & Silver Merlin Annual Pass Holders.

Reserve & Ride.

Reserve & Ride is a system the park uses to queue for you meaning you can spend more time exploring the park. Using the app on your phone it enables you to virtually wait the queue times on the rides you want meaning you have more time to visit all the other attractions, shops and restaurants while you wait. The higher the tear of package the less time you will have to wait in between making your reservations and being able to enjoy the ride.

This is however limited so it is encouraged to pre-book your reserve and ride package ahead of your visit. It is also not available on all the rides in the park. These rides are not included at all:

  • DUPLO Express
  • Hydra’s Challenge
  • Scarab Bouncers
  • Sky Rider

One Shot Bundle – From £35 Per Person.

This gives you near instant access to 5 rides in the park, these include The Dragon, Lego Ninjago The Ride, Laser Raiders, Lego City Deep Sea Adventure and Coastguard HQ. You are able to purchase this bundle from 1pm on the day. You can’t prebook this bundle.

Reserve & Ride Regular – From £15 Per Person.

This offers you no need to stand in line by offering the same wait as the physical queues. You can enjoy other attractions in the park while you virtually wait. You can prebook this bundle.

Reserve & Ride Express – From £35 Per Person.

This reduces your virtual wait time by 50%. You can prebook this bundle.

Reserve & Ride Ultimate – From £70 Per Person.

This is their fastest ride access, giving you the minimum waiting times. This gives you exclusive extra rides included including Flight of the Sky Lion (only once), Fire and Ice Freefall (only once), Coastguard HQ and Destiny’s Bounty. You can prebook this bundle.


  • The Reserve & Ride is not included in your entry ticket price. These have to be purchased separately.
  • Children under 90cm can accompany you for free – height, weight and age restrictions are permitted.
  • There are times when even with Reserve and Ride you will have to still wait past your allotted wait time.
  • You can purchase Reserve & Ride at units located in The Beginning, Heartlake City and The LEGOLAND Resort Hotel (on the Restaurant level).

Coca-Cola Freestyle Vessel.

You can pre buy your cups online for 1 for £13, 2 for £11 each and 3-6 for £10 each.

You can also buy them on the day for 1 for £16, 2 for £14 each and 3+ for £12 each.

You can also take your cups with you for any additional visits you have for £6 each.

There are 7 locations in the park you can refill your cups up at which are:

  • Sweet Shop.
  • Hill Train Bottom.
  • Pirate Shores.
  • Knights Kingdom.
  • Heartlake City.
  • Lego City.
  • Hotel Atrium.

I would 100% recommend getting the app and setting up your group with everyones age and height on there as it shows you what rides everyone can go on and which ones you can’t. We found this helped us avoid any rides the children couldn’t go on and skip past any disappointments.

You do have to leave your pram at the beginning of the rides before you join the cue so I would recommend packing the pram lightly with things you don’t mind leaving unattended or having someone wait with your pram and belongings.

Legoland is a cashless park however there are 2 attractions (1 in the miniture land and one just outside) that take £1 coins for your to be able to control an remote control lorry/boat for a couple of minutes.

Even though Sweet Bear was under the 90cm height limit there were a good amount of rides she could go on. Baby Bear was also under the 120cm height limit but he was able to go on most of the rides he just needed an adult with him which wasn’t an issue. None of the rides had a weight limit either which is nice to know and none of them discriminated again body size either.

If you are going for a birthday, you can go into customer services which is as soon as you enter the park and collect a birthday badge and give their name and age for the birthday board. I don’t however know where the birthday board was so we never got to see Baby Bears name on there but he did get his birthday badge which he loved. It was also free which was even better.

We had an amazing day and would recommend it to anyone who is a Lego or theme park lover. It was a fun day had by all.