Welcome back my lovelies, I hope you all had a good half-term with your little ones. Ours was a different half term for sure, definitely not what we are used to but with everything going on with my health at the moment we didn’t have many choices. I’m sure Baby bear still had a good half-term which is all that matters to me. Here is how our week went.

So on Monday, we spent the day relaxing watching TV, playing Switch, and playing after our busy weekend with our guests. I pottered around the house a little and when I say a little I mean I put a load of washing on, put all the dishes in the sink ready for Daddy bear to load the dishwasher and I cleaned the table. I decided that I needed a pick me up so I painted my nails and of course Baby bear wanted his nails painted too. This was enough for me I was knackered and in pain so honestly can’t thank Daddy bear for everything he has been doing. It was just me and Baby bear during the day as Daddy bear had work sadly. Once he was home we spent the rest of the night watching a movie before I had a very early night to bed.

Tuesday, was another day at home as I wasn’t feeling great at all. Baby bear didn’t mind as this meant he was able to play on his Switch and science kit all day with no argument from me. We honestly didn’t do anything because of how rough I’m still feeling which is so rubbish as Baby bear was missing out on going out and seeing people. So we decided after Daddy bear finished work we would take a trip to the Cinema to watch Sing 2 as a half-term treat for Baby bear and some family time. I can honestly say it is such a good film and would completely recommend it. We then got a Mcdonald’s dinner before heading home for bed.

Wednesday, I made plans to take Baby bear to a local soft play with some friends, something he would love but also easy for me as all I needed to do was sit while he run around and played with his friends. He had a good few hours before we headed home for me to rest while he cuddled up next to me and watched a movie. After work Daddy bear started painting Baby Bear’s new bedroom. I decided I would have my first shower on my own before laying down for the evening to rest. I’ve been trying to rest as much as possible to try and help my body heal quicker as I’m over being on light duties, off work, and unable to participate in normal life.

Thursday, we had a delivery for our new spare fold-up bed which meant a large box so, of course, we had to decorate it. Baby bear had an amazing time decorating his box with paint, his feet, and his bottom. We didn’t do much else really, he was having so much fun who was I to ruin his fun. Daddy bear headed out to games night while D and A came back for another weekend in the evening.

Friday, we had a training we needed to attend so Daddy bear finished work early. It was very insightful even Baby bear got to ask some questions. Once we were finished with the training, Daddy bear headed into the workshop to start working on building Baby Bear’s new bed for his new room. I then sat and worked some more on the wedding invites. We then enjoyed dinner together before having a relaxing night.

Saturday, Daddy bear and A had a viewing for a house for our property business while Baby bear helped me make some wedding invites and D work. He was so good and enjoyed helping us both which made it a very relaxing day. Not much to report on really.

Sunday was another chill day, we headed out for some breakfast before we headed home to spend a few hours with D and A before they headed home and Daddy bears parents arrived to see us for a few days. It was also our last day of half-term so I had to make sure we were ready to go back to school. I must say I’m gutted that I can’t return back to work yet but I know it’s for the best and my body needs more time to heal.

It was definitely a different half-term but we enjoyed it and if I’m being honest I enjoyed having a slower half-term with him and just enjoying our time. Here to our first week back in the school routine.