Welcome back lovelies, sorry for the late post but as I explained over on my Instagram I have been suffering from another migraine. We also had a surprise weekend away with Daddy bear to Bedford. It’s been an interesting week for sure so here is what we have been up to over here.

Monday, was a very exciting day, it was my first day in my new role at work. I’m back in the room full time which is very excited and I’m very happy to be back. It was also my work late at night which meant that the boys got to enjoy boy time before I got home. We then enjoyed some family time before Baby bear went to bed and we headed to the office for some work.

Tuesday, I had to stay a little later than normal at work so Daddy bear picked up baby bear and headed home. We then headed to do the weekly shop before heading home for some dinner. Once Baby bear was in bed I pottered around the house to do some housework before settling down for the night with Daddy bear to watch some TV.

Wednesday, Swimming Day! Baby bear spent a lot of the lesson on the side of the pool because of silly behavior which is very annoying as his swim teacher told us his ability is good enough to be moved up a group but his behavior is letting him down from moving up. But here is to hope his behavior improves. Once we were home, I showered him, fed him, and put him to bed before finally enjoying my dinner before climbing into bed with my book for an early night.

Thursday, after work we had another phonic workshop with Baby bear which he is enjoying us going to with him. Once we were home we had a nice family dinner before Daddy bears friends came over for game night. This gave me the evening to turn my Cricut on to create some of our wedding signs while the boys played.

Friday, when we got in from work&school Daddy bear surprised us by joining him for a trip to Bedford. He had planned to go to help do some concreting at my aunt and uncles ready for the wedding. However, when he put the cement mixer in the car he found he had more room than he thought so we could all fit in the car with him. It was a lovely surprise but a very different weekend from what I had planned but we love spending time with family.

Saturday, while the boys got to work on the new paths I helped my aunt organize her new kitchen, we baked with baby bear and took a little trip to the shops. The weather was amazing Saturday which meant Baby bear was able to enjoy playing in the garden. Mia took herself for a walk which lead to a manic 30 minutes but thanks to an amazing person she returned home safe and very excited to have been on an adventure. After dinner, we decided to take a walk around the local area. We walked through a stunning park, saw some wildlife, laughed, and enjoyed each other’s company.

Sunday, we got to get up and go to church which is one of our favorite things to do while in Bedford. We made our flower choices while there which is another thing ticked off the list of things left to do. After church, we headed back to the house where I started cooking dinner and the boys headed to the park for a while before everyone else returned to the house. After dinner, we spent a little more time together before loading up the car and heading home. Just before we head off my head started to hurt and by the time we got home, it was a full-blown migraine. I haven’t had a migraine in while and if I’m honest I thought I was over them but clearly not the migraines are back.

And we are back to Monday, and starting a new week with a migraine aren’t I lucky.