Welcome back lovelies, Baby bear had another parents evening this week. We also had a very eventful weekend (hence the weekly check-in going up today not yesterday sorry). I also didn’t get time to write the game review I wanted to so that is a goal for this week. Sorry to have dropped the ball this week but let’s just jump straight into what’s been happening.

Monday, I had my first full day back at work and as tiring as it was it was lovely being back with the little people. Once I got home Daddy bear put me in bed to rest till dinner time. We then had a family dinner before putting Baby bear to bed and heading into the office. I wanted to spend the night on the Cricut to create my mum’s mothers day gifts. I love creating and can’t wait to share all I’ve been up to.

Tuesday, before work I pottered around and picked up around the house before heading out. I had to work late for some training which meant I was possibly going to miss Baby bears parents evening. Luckily my training finished just before Baby bears appointment started. Daddy bear was there for the beginning of the meeting but once I got there I was updated that Baby bear was doing really well in all aspects of school. We need to work on his letter formation a little more but all in all, he is doing well. We couldn’t be prouder of him and all he is doing. It was a usual night after Baby bear had gone to bed with Daddy bear and I working on some projects in the office.

Wednesday is swimming night before we headed home for our date night. Even with Daddy bear being on a diet he made me an amazing grazing platter for starts before we put Baby bear to bed and settled in for another game of Cash Flow while we ate our dinners. We are really enjoying this game and it means we can spend some quality time together screen-free.

Thursday, I had another full day at work, Daddy bear also had game night so once he had headed out and Baby bear was in bed, I did some jobs that I needed to do and made sure everything was packed and ready to go on our trip. However, before bed, I caught the cutest video of Baby bear singing one of his school songs I shared it over on Instagram so head over and listen if you haven’t already it will for sure put a smile on your face. We also headed to the sweet shop that is local to us after school for baby bear to pick out some sweets as a treat for a good parents evening.

After I dropped Baby bear off at school Friday I headed back to the sweet shop to pick up some sweets for B and L. I then stopped past the local market to have a catch-up with my friend M before heading home and making sure the car was packed and ready to head off to Essex as soon as I had finished work and Baby bear had finished school. Leaving straight from school seemed to work really well and it meant we arrived at my in-laws at a reasonable time. It was my mother in laws birthday so we spent the evening with her celebrating her birthday.

Saturday, was my sister in laws birthday so we spent the morning making sure everything was ready for her to get home from her holiday. It was her big 21st so we wanted to make sure everything was perfect we had a few bumps but I think she had a good day either way. We enjoyed spending the day with V, E, B, and L as well as my in-laws before we headed out for dinner in the evening.

Sunday, was eventful for sure. It was mothers day so we spent the morning with my in laws celebrating my mother-in-law before heading to see my mum and celebrate her. It was a good day I just wish it was a day I could enjoy celebrating too but I guess that comes in hand with traveling. After a family thing that delayed us from heading home, we finally left around 9.30 pm. There were also road closures which meant our journey was extended and we didn’t manage to get home till just gone 1 am so as you can imagine we are exhausted today.

So here is to our last week of school before 2 weeks’ holiday. Have you all got much planned? We have a few things planned which are very exciting. So here is to another successful week.