Hey Lovelies, welcome back to my weekly check-in. I’m kind of shocked its been a whole week already since I announced the changes here on the blog. So far so good, I’ve kept up with my Wednesday post and Sunday weekly check-in…Yay for me. Especially after the week that was just thrown at us, parents and Nursery workers.

As you all know good old Boris announced Monday that we are all in Lockdown for the 3rd time since the pandemic started. Which lead to schools closing which then left me and Daddy bear with a big decision to make about Baby bear. I had commented in last weeks weekly check-in on Baby bear returning to school and we had decided while myself and Daddy bear was still working the best place for baby bear to be was at school as much as we hated the idea of putting him at risk we knew it was best for his education. Well once Boris had made his announcements Monday we decided to pull Baby bear out of school and work around his home learning and us both still being at work (joys of both being key workers and nurseries being open to every child).

So like every parent with their children at home we have been navigating our new routine of being at home. I have to say Baby bear has taken it in his stride (other than saying he broke his arm writing his name Friday) which has made it a lot easier for us. This being said I have still come home from work to a very stressed/exhausted Daddy bear from a day of working and watching Baby bear. We have been doing our own homeschooling this week as his online lessons don’t begin until tomorrow.

On other news, other than homeschooling you may have seen on my Instagram or facebook my body is messing with me this last week. I have been feeling off which got me a little excited this month was our month (I know it is very unlikely but…). I’m yet to start my cycle even now and have taken all 6 pregnancy tests that were in the house to check I wasn’t pregnant which as you can imagine has taken its toll on me physically and mentally.

On a little bit of an up before I sign off for another week. I am quite proud of myself and my newest creation I have crocheted using one of my new books I got for Christmas off of Daddy bear. I have crocheted a hooded blanket for my newest little Princess our niece L who was born just before Christmas. Hopefully, it won’t be long before we can meet her and give her and B all their gifts from their Aunty T, Uncle B and Baby bear.

I also want to just take a moment to say how proud I am of Daddy bear this week with the launch of his business and all his orders he has had already. If you want to check it out head over to – All Out Printing.

So here is to another busy week- starting homeschooling properly with Baby bear, find our new routine at home, started another crocheting project (Baby bear has loved looking through all my new crocheting pattern books finding what ones he wants mumma to make him). Hope you all had a good week and good luck to all my fellow parents for the week to come with our little people at homes.