Welcome back lovelies, baby bear is back with us after his 2 week holiday to Essex with Family. We have missed him and he us more than ever this time. But either way, we have him back with us and I love it but I forgot how hard he can be. So here is how our last week child-free went.

Monday, we didn’t do much other than a few wedding tasks, housework, and organizing things. Daddy bear was at work so it was a day on my own so with the music playing I buckled down and did it all. Once Daddy bear was home we went for another bike ride to a new location that Daddy bear and Baby bear enjoy going to. It was then an evening of playing CashFlow, enjoying a glass of wine and some snacks.

Tuesday, I woke up not feeling great so it was a slower day for me just listening to my body and resting in the bath. When Daddy bear got home from work he came to my rescue and looked after me for the evening. And nothing beats cuddling in bed watching tv and relaxing when you don’t feel great.

Wednesday, my period cramps were in full force by today so I didn’t do much at all. Daddy Bear treated me to lunch before I took myself off to bed for a laydown and a nap. I woke up to V, C, and L popping in to drop off some bits for our new addition they had picked up. Once they had gone home we made some dinner and settled down for the evening as I wasn’t feeling great at all.

Thursday, it was a very productive day with M as we went shopping to get the last bits we needed for the wedding. While we were out it would have been rude not to get lunch and we found the cutest, loveliest little cafe in Boston town center. We even treated ourselves to some new clothes because why not. Once we got home it wasn’t long before Daddy bear was heading out for his weekly game night so I headed into the office to make our Guest book and the end of the wedding signs.

Friday, I spent the start of the day loading up the car and sorting out more wedding things to take to Bedford with us while Daddy bear was at work. Once Daddy bear had finished work we then headed off to Essex to pick up Baby bear before we headed for a weekend in Bedford. It was a long day driving but so worth it, we got our baby back. He had the best time with our family and couldn’t tell us all about it quickly enough.

Saturday, after a slower morning Daddy bear, got to work building the ramp, while I worked through some of the jobs I needed to get done for the wedding while in Bedford. We then weeded the front garden ready for our wedding before helping to prepare dinner for everyone. I love spending time with our family just slowing down and making memories. We even got to enjoy some smores before it was time to put Baby bear to bed. Once he was in bed we sat down with my uncle and picked our songs for the church.

Sunday, we were up and ready for church this morning, we even took Mia along with us today. We enjoy going to church and it’s something we look forward to doing but the closer we get to the wedding the more special it is getting. We got to hear our banns being read today which also makes it very real. Once we were back at the Vicarage, Daddy bear finished building the ramp while me and my aunt designed and made our first Flower girl skirt and made a Roast Dinner. After dinner, we started to pack up ready to head home. It was a slightly later home hense the later post but here we go life happens sometimes.