Welcome back lovelies, it was Baby Bears birthday weekend so it was full of family, laughter, and experiences. We also had a scary start to the week so let’s get into what’s been going on this week.

Monday, once I was home from my late finish I sorted dinner before sending Baby bear to his room to pick a teddy to read with. As he was climbing up to his bed, he somehow fell from the top of his bed falling hard onto his back. Needless to say, he was in a lot of pain and it defiantly scared him. Once I had settled him I did the weekly check-in before curling up into bed with Mia as I was still in a lot of pain from starting my period the weekend.

Tuesday, because of Baby bears fall the night before he woke up in a lot of pain and seemed to struggle to stand so I made the decision it was best to keep him off from school and get him checked over. Luckily he just bruised himself and was sore from the fall and a day of rest helped him. In the evening I then had my theory test which I finally passed yay.

Wednesday, it was back to work and school for me and Baby bear however, Daddy bear spent the day being sick which wasn’t fun for him. Once we were home I did all the jobs that needed doing, looked after Daddy bear and Baby bear before bedtime when I was finally able to have something to eat and relax after a very busy day.

Thursday, Daddy bear was still unwell so it was a day off work for him. I had a staff meeting after work so it was a dash to pick Baby bear up from school run him home and set him up with Daddy bear before heading back to work for the meeting. Mia also had the vet for her kennel cough so it was another mad rush to get home and get her there for her appointment. It was then dinner and bedtime thank goodness before being able to set everything up for Baby bears birthday in the morning. As you can tell it was non stop and I was knackered by the end of the day.

Friday, was Baby bears birthday. It was also a school day which meant it was an earlier start than usual so we could open some presents before school. Once I finished work I headed to pick up Baby Bear and his 2 friends H and J before heading to the local soft play per Baby bears request. We also stopped at a Mcdonald’s for dinner before dropping H and J home and heading home to start the birthday weekend celebrations.

Saturday, was an early start as we made our way to the Science center for Baby bears birthday weekend day out. Nanny, Grandad, A, V, C, and L joined us as well which made it even more special and fun. I will do a whole separate post on our day there as it was simply amazing.

Sunday, nanny and grandad headed out early so once we were all up and dressed we headed to Snipe Dales for a walk around the forest and walk to the local pub before heading home. A asked if I could teach him how I cooked our special fried rice before he headed home so that’s what we had for dinner which was lovely. It was the best way to finish Baby bears birthday weekend for another year.

As you can tell it was a very hectic week and weekend and this week is set to be a busy one again.