Welcome back my lovelies, how has your week been? We have been busy getting Baby Bear’s new room finished and moving him into it. It has been an emotional rollercoaster for sure but it is so worth it or it will be anyway. We also have a lot going on that I still can’t share with you all (I know I’m sorry but hopefully we can soon).

Monday, Baby bear was at school and Daddy bear has gone back to working in the office so I got to spend the day with my in-laws. I am lucky to have in-laws I enjoy spending time with and get along with. We decided to take a little stroll around a restoration/second-hand shop before going to get some lunch before heading home to meet Daddy bear after work. Once baby bear was then home, we played some Switch before treating us all to a Chinese.

Tuesday, my mother-in-law and I took Baby bear to school before they headed home. I then had another call with my consultant about how I’m doing. I told them about still bleeding and being in pain, they talked through the next step options which I asked to hold off on. They also requested I extend my sick note longer until all my stitches were out and the bleeding had stopped but again I asked to hold off on that for another week. Neither party thought my healing so be taking so long but… However, on a good note, they gave me the all-clear to have baths now yay. So that’s how I spent my evening.

Wednesday, I was in hyperdrive to finish Baby bear’s bedroom so we could move him over. So once Daddy bear was home from work I helped him put the finishing touches to the build and secure it to the wall ready for his first night in his new room. I actually got to use Daddy Bear’s Ryobi power tools as well. Baby bears school held a phonics workshop after school which I attended with him. I have taught a few different types of phonics over the years of working in schools but I wasn’t sure what they were using. It was insightful and more than anything Baby bear was so happy I was there. It was then swimming time where baby bear did well. I then spent the evening doing some housework and pottering around before finishing off some paperwork needed for a meeting we had Thursday.

Thursday, we spent most of the day with M in a meeting. It was a very exciting meeting that finally included Baby bear. I’m honestly going to miss our meetings with M after next week but it means we are moving onto the next stage (1 stage closer to being able to reveal all). After our meeting, we spent some time as a family before I started dinner and it was bedtime.

Friday, was a chilled day, I spent the afternoon painting Baby bears bed before picking him up from school and heading home with some friends for a catch-up while the children played. Once they headed home we settled down for some dinner and a relaxing night as a family.

Saturday, I got up with Baby bear while letting Daddy bear catch up with some sleep. I even made us all some french toast for Breakfast before I gave Baby bears bed another coat of paint and take Baby bears old bed down ready for Daddy bear to fill the walls and prep them for us to touch up the paint before setting up the room again. It’s something I never thought we would reach and after a few tears while sitting in the empty room I pulled myself together and we headed over the park with V, C, and L before dinner. D, L, and A even joined us which made baby bear even happier as he had lots of people to play with. It was lovely for us to catch up and hang out with friends to it felt like summer again. Once we were home Daddy bear made us some homemade chicken burgers and chips for dinner while I and Baby bear set up the spare bed and Baby bears mattress ready for our living room sleepover.

Sunday, Daddy bear applied another layer of paint while I did some housework and got us a picnic together ready to head over to Snipe Dales for a walk and some fresh air in nature. We ended up taking L with us which was so much fun and Baby bear loved having his best friend with him. We then enjoyed an afternoon with both L and V with an amazing beef roast dinner.

So here is to another week and hopefully, by the end of it, Baby Bear’s new room is finished and all setup. I’m so ready for the reveal, I’ll share it over on Instagram. I am also planning and working on some new additions to the blog so keep your eyes peeled for that to.