Welcome back lovelies, it’s been a very exciting week, I am officially back on the road after what seems like forever. We also had another doctor’s visit with Sweet bear and another meeting but here is our week.

Monday, Sweet bear woke up with a chesty cough again so other than dropping Baby bear to school we had a day indoors to keep warm. This meant I pottered around the house in between playing and cuddling Sweet bear. Once we picked Baby bear up from school it was our usual nightly routine of dinner, bath, and bed for the children before I did the nightly house reset before heading up to bed myself.

Tuesday, Sweet bear woke up even worse so a phone call to the doctor to book an appointment while taking Baby bear to school. Why do the doctors open right when the school run is? Anyway, we got her an appointment, and thanks to V we could get the weekly food shop done afterward while Baby bear was at scouts. Sweet bear now has a Chest infection so back on antibiotics for her. He had a blast again, however, when we got home from shopping Daddy bear took a funny turn so he went up to bed before I picked Baby bear up and sorted everyone’s dinner and bedtime for the children. I then spent the evening doing some bits over here on the blog before heading up to bed to join Daddy bear.

Wednesday, after dropping Baby bear at school, we had a meeting with M over teams as Sweet bear is poorly. It went well and I found out some more information I needed. After our meeting, Sweet bear wanted a nap so with plans of cuddling her to sleep before getting on with some housework, however, after a rough night of broken sleep I fell asleep on the sofa with her. Luckily V came in before we were meant to pick the children up as she woke us up just in time to stop us from being late. We then headed home to do some homework and our nightly routine.

Thursday, was the day I finally got back on the road. After Daddy bear sold our old car I haven’t been on the insurance for the van, however, the need for me to be on the road has become very clear and we don’t want to waste money on a second car which meant I needed to be added to the insurance which finally started today. This meant I was able to drive to pick Baby bear up from Choir at school before driving him to swim. He did well and I think I’ve pinned down a routine with Sweet bear for Thursday nights as it is a later one and Baby bear swims while we normally have dinner. Once we were home I cooked dinner and put Sweet bear to bed before enjoying dinner. Daddy bear had his game night at his friend’s house so I was able to have an early night to bed watching my tv for the evening.

Friday, Baby bear has pop-in at school in the morning so I stayed for that with him before heading home to do some washing and feed Sweet bear before we headed out with some friends to the local indoor Trampoline park for their toddler afternoon. It was strange being the one driving but we defiantly had more space in the van (But that isn’t hard). After our hour of playing, we headed home to pick the older children up from school before heading home past the local sweet shop for a treat. I had broken Baby bears glasses at the beginning of the week by accident so I loaded the children back into the car and headed to the options to get them fixed before coming home and sorting dinner. It was then bedtime for us all.

Saturday, it was Daddy bears day to work so me and the children spend the day playing at home and relaxing. Once Daddy bear had finished work he took Baby bear out for a bike ride while Sweet bear and I had a nap as I had a banging headache. Once the boys were back I sorted dinner before settling down for a family Pizza movie night. I decided to book cinema tickets to go and see the new Avatar The Way Of Water for Sunday so I could have some one-on-one time with Baby bear and also have a break away from Sweet bear.

Sunday, Baby bear was very excited about our day out so after some breakfast and watching the first Avatar we got dressed and headed out for our mummy-son day. I must say I’ve heard mixed reviews on the film but we both really enjoyed it and I would recommend it to others to go and see. When we got home Daddy bear had already started cooking us a roast dinner in our new Ninja Air fryer so I popped to the shops to grab a nice bottle of wine before returning to enjoy a nice dinner. It was then you guessed it, our Sunday bath and bedtime routine for the children before I sat down to write this post.

I’d love to hear about your week and I’m off to do the week’s worth of Ironing that I’ve been putting off.