Welcome back lovelies, we are back to life, back to reality. We are back to school, clubs, and term-time life. It’s been a bit of a shock to the system but we did it.

Monday, the first day back at school this term, Sweet Bear had her usual layin so I got some last-minute one-on-one time with Baby Bear before he went back to school. Once I was home I caught up on a few jobs until Sweet Bear woke up and we were ready to go and do the weekly shop.

Tuesday, I spent the day pottering around the house before I picked up Baby Bear from school. He was back at Scouts, after dropping him off we then headed over to V’s house for Daddy Bear to help C spray paint their sheds. We even got to enjoy them cooking us dinner and watching the children play before we headed home to put the children to bed before I spent some time working on some new products for the shop.

Wednesday, was a slower lazier day for me and Sweet Bear while Baby Bear was at school and Daddy Bear was at work. We did however go on a bike ride at lunchtime which was fun and our first proper one of the year. Baby Bear was back at swimming today also so after school pick up we headed home to get ready before leaving. Daddy Bear got out of his meeting early so I was able to leave Sweet Bear with him while I took Baby Bear swimming. On our way home we picked up to some fish and chips for dinner as a treat.

Thursday, after a phonecall, I never thought I’d ever have to have regarding my children and rumors, I tried to enjoy my day. Daddy Bear took Sweet Bear for a play on his motorbike (they didn’t leave the drive or turn the engine on) which she loved. After picking Sweet Bear up from school we stopped past the park with some friends so they could play while I got to talk to my friends.

Friday is the day we get to spend with K and E. So in true Friday fashion we dropped the children off at school before heading home to put a load of washing on and get Sweet Bear ready for the day. I then picked them up and we headed to Boston to do some clothes shopping in Asda’s sales. I must say we were very disappointed when we got there but it did mean I didn’t buy the children a bunch of clothes they didn’t need. We then stopped past Asda cafe for some lunch which again we were disappointed with so we headed home to get ready to pick our children up from school. We then stopped past the park with friends again before heading home.

Saturday, Daddy Bear had to work so me and the children got up and started our day before packing a picnic and heading to the park to meet up with friends. It was also K’s birthday so we got to see her on her birthday as well as our other friends. We love seeing and spending time with our friends, I love the fact my friend’s children are my children’s friends so it makes spending time together so easy. Once we got home I was feeling very rubbish due to my cycle so Daddy Bear took Baby Bear outside to help him with the car while Sweet Bear took a nap while I went and laid in bed to rest. After dinner, the boys decided to go for a bike ride while I gave Sweet Bear a bath and put her to bed before going to lie down. When the boys returned they brought snacks so we laid in bed and watched a movie together before we went to bed.

Sunday, the boys had a slow morning so Sweet Bear and I got up and started our day. I made the boys breakfast in bed before doing next week’s meal plan and shopping list as well as my weekly to-do list. The boys did a few more things to the car before we got ready to go for a walk and stop past the park. I then made us all a chicken roast dinner before the boys went back out on their bikes while I bathed Sweet Bear and put her to bed. When the boys got home I put Baby Bear in the shower before Daddy Bear put him to bed while I tidied the living room before coming into the office to write this post.