Hey Lovelies, welcome back to my weekly check-in, hope you all had a good week. For many of us, our little ones went back to school or started school this week. This meant that I also returned back to work which has defiantly been a struggle to get us both back into a routine. We did however have a very exciting weekend so I will just jump in and share how our week went.

So as I said on Monday Baby bear returned back to school, going back into year 1. Can we just pause for a moment… My baby is now in year 1! What.. I also returned back to work after the summer break, I think I have mentioned it before but I am now in a different role within the same nursery which I was a little worried about as it was moving away from being in with the children where I loved being. However, it wasn’t as bad as I thought and I am still working closely with the children so it’s okay. Baby bear seemed to have a good first day which is important.

Tuesday and Wednesday were very much like Monday, got up, dropped Baby bear into school then headed into work. I will say I was proud of us, I know it was only day 2 but we were leaving the house before we needed to so wasn’t rushing around and being late which I can say we have been able to continue up to date which is impressive if you know me in the morning.

Thursday, however, was a good day at work, I was given back key children at work and put back into the room part-time which is what I enjoy most. It does mean I have picked up more hours at work and more work but it’s what my heart is in so… Once we were home we then headed into the forest for some family time and fresh air which was lovely to just take some time out of a busy week. I then caught up with some housework and packed ready to go away for the weekend to Bedford.

Friday I didn’t start work till later in so it gave me time to crack on with some jobs I needed to do and make sure everything was ready for our trip. So once I picked Baby bear up from school we headed home packed up the car and headed out. This was an exciting and eventful trip and here’s why.

So Saturday I woke up early hours of the morning in a load of pain from my cycle which lead to me throwing up multiple times throughout the morning. So after a very early morning trip to Sainsbury’s for Daddy bear to get some bits I needed he then joined H on a sponsored bike ride for my uncle’s church. They cycled to a whooping 46 churches covering over 35 miles and I couldn’t be prouder of them both. If you wanted to sponsor them you still can here is the link to their JustGiving page every penny is helpful and very appreciated. Once they had finished that we had a nice relaxing night with my Aunt, Uncle, and H while still feeling very rubbish but that seems to be my life at the moment.

Sunday we then attended Sunday Mass as we do each time we are there. I love watching Baby bear get so involved in the service and enjoy being there as much as we do. Once mass was over we headed back to the Vicarage where we then met up with our bar suppliers and caters for the wedding to go over our vision for the day and what we wanted from. It makes me so excited watching our day come together I can’t wait to marry my best friend. Before heading home we also enjoyed a lovely Sunday lunch. We didn’t end up leaving till late hence why there wasn’t a post yesterday as we didn’t get home till gone 9 then we had to unpack the car and make sure I was ready for school and work today.

It was a different kind of week and I defiantly need to get back into the swing of work, housework, and life again but I can do it. I hope whatever year your little ones went into this week they have had a good first week back to school and you not struggling too much with the early starts. Here is to another busy week.