Welcome back lovelies, hope you are all enjoying your bank holiday weekend. We have had a busy but productive one so far. This week was full of exciting things and changes. I will share what I can here but I’m still sadly unable to share all the details.

Monday, was my work late day which meant the boys got to have some time together which they enjoyed. I wasn’t feeling 100% so once I had sorted dinner it was an early night to bed for me to try and feel better.

Tuesday, start after work myself and Daddy bear had a meeting so we put Baby bear into the after-school club before V picked him up for us. She decided to keep him for dinner which gave me and Daddy bear a chance to head out for a dinner date and have a chat about our meeting before picking Baby bear up. Once we picked up baby bear we came home done bedtime before I headed to bed as I still wasn’t feeling well at all.

Wednesday, we both had the days off work so once Daddy bear dropped Baby bear off at school we sat down for another meeting before quickly grabbing some lunch and going over some things together before we had another meeting (it was a day of meetings but very exciting meetings). We were done just in time to pick up Baby bear from school and share the exciting news are adding another. The boys headed to the local park before getting Mcdonald’s for a treat dinner. We enjoyed an evening of family time before another early night to bed because I still wasn’t feeling well.

Thursday, I took the day off work as I still wasn’t feeling great so to be safe stayed home. I spent most of the day laying in bed and doing odd jobs around the house. However, before Daddy bear picked Baby bear up from school he helped me get all the bits out of the loft I needed to sort out. It was games night for Daddy bear so before he left he put Baby bear to bed for me as I was already in bed sleeping off a headache.

Friday, I was back at work for the day and even though I was still feeling poorly it was lovely to be back with the children. There are some exciting changes happening at work which I got an update on. Then at the end of the day, we got to bring home our 2 house guests again Rosie and Nugget for the bank holiday weekend. Mia and Baby bear were very excited to see our houseguests. I was however knackered after my day at work so we had a cheeky Kebab for dinner while watching a film together.

Saturday, we spent the day, doing housework, and gardening while Daddy bear did some more groundwork for our new drive gates. Baby bear also enjoyed playing with the chickens for a while. After a busy day, we settled down for some dinner and some family game time on the Switch. We even got our first Ice cream man ice cream of the year.

Sunday, Daddy bear made some more progress with the gates while I pottered around before M, E, and A popped over for a catch-up playdate. We haven’t seen them in a while due to illness but we finally got to see each other. What’s better than seeing friends on a bank holiday weekend. Once they went home I sorted dinner with my little chef before the boys popped to the shops for some treats while we played Switch (it was honestly one of the best decisions we have ever made).

One more day off before back to work next week let’s see what we do.