Welcome back lovelies, I have had to be the solo parent this week as Daddy bear had to go away on a work conference before going to see A for the weekend. It hasn’t been easy but we have done it (not that I had much choice).

Monday, I still felt like utter rubbish so Daddy bear took Baby bear to school so I could have an extra hour in bed before Sweet bear woke up for the day. I did a few bits around the house before heading out to do the weekly food shop as we needed food in the house. Once I was home I put the shopping away before returning to the sofa for a while before picking up Baby bear. Once we were home I cooked everyone dinner before heading to bed for an early night leaving Daddy bear in charge of putting the children to bed.

Tuesday, I didn’t do anything all day. Daddy bear took Baby bear to school, I laid on the sofa while Sweet bear played until she was ready for her nap. As soon as I put her to bed I climbed back into my bed for a nap, I was then lucky enough that V offered to take Sweet bear out to run some errands with her so I could rest. It timed out great as just as Sweet bear woke up from her nap V arrived to take her out so I saw her off and made sure V had everything she needed before heading back to bed. Daddy bear collected Baby bear from school and sorted everything out for him to go to scouts so I could continue to rest. I needed to try and get back on my feet before he left on Thursday.

Wednesday, was another day of not doing much just trying to rest and get back on my feet. I started to feel a little better but still not great. Sweet bear is completely back to herself which is challenging at the best of times especially when I’m feeling rubbish. However, Daddy bear and Baby bear have been a big help.

Thursday, the day Daddy bear left. My lovely friend M took Baby bear to school for me so I could stay in the warm and rest before I had to tackle both children. It was swimming day, Baby bear also does choir straight after school so at 4 I picked him up in the car and headed straight to swimming. Both children were really good and once we were home we had dinner and played a little before I put the children to bed and headed to bed myself as I still feel rubbish.

Friday, I took Baby bear to school before heading out to breakfast with M and Sweet bear. When we got home I pottered around the house before picking Baby bear up from school. I had booked for us to go to Jump Warriors as a treat for Baby bear having a good week at school. We had lots of fun and it defiantly wore both the children out. On our way home I stopped past the shop to pick up Sweet bears very own Trunkie and some Gabby’s Dollhouse figures to go with his new Gabby’s Dollhouse house K brought him.

Saturday, it was the first full day of being a solo parent so I decided to take Baby bear and Sweet bear out to Skegness Aquarium for a day out. They loved seeing all the fish and we had a lovely day out together. On our way home we stopped to get some Mcdonald’s for lunch. We then spent the rest of the day playing, and even doing some homework. It was a good day and even ended in a sleepover with Baby bear in my bed.

Sunday, we decided to have a home day watching movies and playing today. It was very relaxed and chilled, other than doing a few bits of housework I have enjoyed spending time with the children. After dinner, it was bath time for them both, and bed ready for another week. Daddy bear is returning home tomorrow hopefully which will be nice to have help with the children again but I’m proud of how well I have done and I have shown myself I can do it on my own with no help even when I’m feeling rubbish still.