Hey Lovelies, welcome back to my weekly check-in, hope you all had a good couple of weeks. Sorry, I hadn’t been posting for a while but I posted a full update during the week letting you know what’s been going on. There are some things going on behind the scenes that we cant share at the moment but just know we are okay. Anyways, here is what we got up to for my birthday celebrations this week.

So as I said in my update Monday I spent the day helping my Aunt prepare their new house ready to move in Tuesday and packing up their old house while Daddy bear headed to London with my uncle to help move my cousin. The boys were late home so we decided to stay another night before heading home.

This meant I got the spend the morning of my birthday with my family before we headed home to enjoy the rest of the day which was lovely. I got to enjoy one of my favourites salmon and cream cheese beagles, I received some beautiful flowers, chocolates and a bottle of bubbly and a book as well as my birthday cards for everyone. The moving company even sang happy birthday to me. We then headed off after breakfast so we could do something for the rest of the day. Daddy bear did have punting planned but it wasn’t the nicest of days so we decided to head straight home before heading to watch a movie and have dinner.

Wednesday, Daddy bear wanted to start applying the render scratch coat to the garage so after mowing the grass while he got everything ready we tackled that job and we did really well if I do say so myself. We were absolutely knackered by the end of the day but it was worth it and 1 job ticked off the list.

Thursday, we had some work to do so we both set up our laptops and got on with it. I needed to do some training for work (which there is still more to do….) and Daddy bear had some paperwork to do for work. We also had a wedding reception to go to that evening so we wanted to spend the day somewhat chilling before heading out to that. And I must say it was one of the best weddings we have been to, there was amazing entertainment and things to do for us guests, the venue was stunning and the feel of the day was what we are going for to which just made me love it that much more. So a huge congratulations to the new Mr&Mrs A x

Then it was Friday again, I needed to catch up on some housework while Daddy bear was going the drains for the garage before D&A arrived at ours for a weekend together. So not much really happened during the day however, I did receive another birthday gift from Daddy bear, he brought me my own cocktail making set so once our guests arrived we enjoyed some dinner and I made my very first cocktails which were very nice. We then decided as we were Babybear free we would take a trip down to our local pub for some pool and a drink because well why not. We quickly learnt that we girls are shockingly bad at pool but it was all good fun.

Saturday morning we all packed up and left to go our own ways super early with the boys heading down to Kings Lynn to help a friend do some renovations in his new house while we girls headed to Lowestoft for a spa day and girlie weekend for my birthday. D was amazing and booked us in for facials and a day relaxing in the spa before heading back to her house for canapes, delicious wine and Barbie movies from our childhood (say what you want they are good movies). We didn’t hear much from the boys so I have no real idea what they got up to but…

Sunday we didn’t need to meet the boys in Kings Lynn till at least 7 pm so we decided because it looked like a wet day we would book to go back to the spa again but this time just for the hot tub, sauna, steam room and ice shower. Which was the best idea we had all day, we had some glossing to do but it didn’t take too long so we got to enjoy another few hours chatting and relaxing which we haven’t got to do for a very long time as I normally have Baby bear with me which is fine but sometimes it nice to enjoy adult time. But sadly it was soon time to pack up the car including putting a mattress on the roof bars on the car (which I can only imagine what we looked like doing) before heading to meet our boys then head home. We didn’t get home till 11.30 which is why there was no weekly check-in yesterday.

I enjoyed my birthday celebrations and I’m so excited for Baby bear to come home today. I hope you are all having a good summer holiday with your little people. Let me know what you have been up to x