Hey Lovelies, welcome back to my weekly check-in, hope you have all had a good week. The Christmas break has begun and the countdown to Christmas has officially begun and I for one am very excited. So here is how our last week of the term went for us here in the Bear household.

Monday, was a tiring day for us all after our late-night home Sunday after our Polar Express trip. I was at work all day so after dropping Baby bear into school I headed into work for what was my last week with some of my little cuties. Daddy bear picked baby bear up and run some errands with him while I worked a little later at work. Once I was home it was a chilled night in for us with an early night to bed.

Tuesday while I was at work Daddy bear had to lift the car as we started to have a few issues with it for a while but they got worse on our way back from the Polar Express. He found there were some issues with the driveshaft and steering. So he spent the evening figuring out what parts he needed to fix it while Baby bear was at a party with his after-school club. I also had our nursery children’s party before our staff secret Santa and catch up before we break up. By the time we were home, it was time for baths and bed after another busy day.

Wednesday, after school Baby bear had his 2 best friends over for dinner and Christmas crafts which were fun but Baby bear was very teary and tired. Once they had gone home, I cuddled and watched some tv with Baby bear before his bedtime. It was also our date night and Daddy bears turn to plan it so we enjoyed some good food and had some important conversations about some life changes coming up. We did have some bad news with the car parts which meant we had to cancel our weekend plans which was truly crap as I had booked to go out with my friends in Essex to Ballie Ballerson’s for my besties birthday. We were also meant to be dropping baby bear at my parents for the week so he could spend time with them while we had some appointments and did bits we needed to that he couldn’t be here for.

Thursday, after work V came to my rescue and took me and Baby bear shopping so we could grab some bits we needed now we had to be home for the weekend. This was amazing as we didn’t have a lot in as I was trying to empty the freezer before we host new year’s eve. However with needing to be home to sort the car we needed some basics. We then spent the rest of the evening working out a plan of action for the weekend and the car and getting Baby bear to my parents before this week. Luckily my mum is on Christmas break to so she offered to come to us to pick Baby bear up and to also bring my brother who is a mechanic to help Daddy bear fix the car.

Friday, the day we broke up for Christmas break but it was a sad day, it was the day I had to say bye to some of my little people at work as they move up into the Pre-school room. I was very lucky to receive some lovely gifts from the children though. And just like that come 3 pm Christmas break had begun and we are off for 2 weeks.

Saturday, my family arrived early which meant that the boys could start fixing the car early as they weren’t sure how long it was going to take. We were very happy that it didn’t take long at all which meant we had today to spend together before they headed home early Sunday with Baby bear. We also got to see our family friends T and N for a catch-up and gift exchange.

Sunday, my family headed back to Essex with Baby bear in tow at the early hour of 6.30 am as my dad had his booster jab at 10.30 (joys of changing plans last minute). We of course saw them off and headed straight back to bed for a few more hours of sleep. We finally got up and showered before heading out for a cafe lunch and to grab some bits I needed ready to sort Baby Bear’s toy corner ready to add all his Christmas gifts. We also painted the living room while we didn’t have a little person at home.

I’m missing baby bear so much already but I have got so much done already and we will see him at the end of the week. So here is to the week leading up to Christmas. I hope you are all enjoying your Christmas break and are ready for Christmas with your loved ones.