Hey Lovelies, welcome back to my weekly check-in, hope you all had a good week. Sorry, I’ve been gone a while again I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was annoyed at myself for letting it slip again. I need to get my butt in gear and get back into my routine. However, let’s get into this week’s check-in and hopefully back into the swing of things ready to share our Christmas with you. So as you can see in the title I tested positive for Coronavirus on the 31st of October so we were finally out of isolation Tuesday (we all isolated to be 100% safe) so here is how my first week free has been.

Monday, was our last day of isolation after I tested positive for coronavirus. I still wasn’t feeling 100% myself but the housework had slipped slightly while I was poorly even though Daddy bear tried to keep on top of it for me. So I spent the day pottering around the house and making sure everything was ready for us to return to work, school, and well normal life Tuesday.

Tuesday, we were free. I honestly can’t tell you how excited and happy I was to be able to leave the house and be back at work. It was defiantly a tiring day but I enjoyed seeing everyone before heading home to hear all about Baby Bear’s first day back at school with all his friends well all but 1 who is also isolating. After being in the house all week we also had to do a weekly food shop which was so good to be able to do in person.

Wednesday, after our usual day at work and school, was over Baby bear went back to swimming. I was a little worried about how he would do after having a couple of weeks off but he did amazing. His lovely swim teacher also lent him a wetsuit to try as we haven’t been able to get him one yet which also made a huge difference to his swimming. We had such a proud parent moment during his lesson as he swam 5m on his back without stopping. Once we were home and Baby bear was in bed I and daddy bear had a date night. It was my turn to cook dinner so I went with an Indian-themed night and made a range of homemade dishes for us to share. It was so yummy and we enjoyed a well-needed night about us.

Thursday, not much happened really it was quite a chilled day and the same as our usual Thursdays. Other than we had a training session at work in the evening so I went back to work for that while the boys stayed at home.

Friday, again was work and school for us, however, when we got home we have decided to have a family game night each Friday we are at home. So we had a lovely dinner and played some family games. I wasn’t feeling great as my cycle arrived so I was in bed early trying to stop the pain.

Saturday, was a busy day. Daddy bear plumbed our new radiators in while myself and Baby bear headed out to my friend’s surprise birthday party at our local pub. We left home at just gone 2 pm and didn’t make it home till just after 8 pm so it was a late one for Baby bear but it meant Daddy bear had an empty house to get what he needed to be done while we got to spend time with friends and have a laugh. It was defiantly a good day/evening and I’m very thankful for all Daddy Bear’s hard work.

Sunday, today we had planned on going for a family walk, fly Baby Bear’s drone and take some family photos however when we arrived Baby bear looked very pale and was complaining of a belly ace/feeling sick so we headed home. We then spent the afternoon pottering around the house doing a few jobs before playing some video games together. After dinner, we then put our Christmas decorations up. I know it’s a little early but we thought why not and we got some lovely family photos so it was all worth it. Now to bed ready for our first full week ahead of us since coronavirus.