Welcome back lovelies, it’s been a different sort of week. Daddy Bear has left us. That sounds more dramatic than it actually is, he has gone away for a couple of weeks but still…

Monday, we headed over to Lincoln to have a look around a few shops in the hope to find a dress for myself and Sweet Bear for an August wedding we have. Not just any August wedding my Bestie is getting married, I’m so excited so need the perfect dresses for us. Before heading home we stopped past the hospital to see M for a while. She has been in there for a while and we are missing her and R so much so enjoyed having some time with them. However, the boys weren’t able to come in though I snuck Sweet Bear in for a minute to see her.

Tuesday, Baby Bear was back at school so after drop off Sweet Bear and I headed to do the weekly shop. I then pottered around the house before it was pick-up time. Baby Bear has scouts on a Tuesday as you all know so off he went while I made myself and Daddy Bear some dinner as the children both eat separately from us.

Wednesday, I decided to take Sweet Bear to playgroup in the morning, however, once we got there we found they had moved the playgroup to another time. Instead of just heading home or going to soft play I decided to use their sensory room at the Children’s center. We have been trying to save money ready to climb the property ladder again and I have been doing really well if I do say so myself. After nearly an hour of playing Sweet Bear was ready to go home for a nap so while she slept I headed to the office to spend some time with Daddy Bear before he left us on Friday. I then took Baby Bear swimming before heading home to enjoy the evening with my husband (Daddy Bear in case you didn’t know haha).

Thursday, after the school run we enjoyed a day at home relaxing with Daddy Bear, making the most of our time before he left. I also caught up on all the downstairs housework ready for him to host his games night this week. We had a giant clearout for a car boot which probably wasn’t the best idea when we have people coming over but hey ho I made it work. Daddy Bear then enjoyed a night playing with his friends while I did the children’s Ironing before heading to bed to watch a film and wait for my hubby to join me in bed.

Friday, the dreaded day had arrived. The day Daddy Bear was going. We enjoyed a last breakfast together before he started his day at work and I helped him pack up the last of his bits. Then the time came. Daddy Bear had left us. So I did what any other normal person would do and spent an hour crying while Sweet Bear slept before being pulled back into the reality of being a parent when she woke up. There are so many other ways I could have spent that nap time but crying seems the more logical. I hate it when he is away and let’s be honest I know the children are going to wipe the floor with me these next 2 weeks.

Saturday, the children were kind to me and didn’t wake till 8.30 am. They then spent the day playing nicely (AKA trashing my living room and pulling every toy they own out while not actually playing with anything). I collected up all the items we had decided to take to the Car boot sale and loaded them into the car before heading into town to post a package and grab some bits we needed from Aldi for said car boot sale. That was pretty much my day I had 0 motivation to do anything so enjoyed having a lazy day with my children.

Sunday, it was an early start for us today as we needed to be at the car boot for 9 am to set up. Baby Bear wanted his own stool and had brought some of his toys and books he wanted to sell to. It was an okay morning, Baby bear was very excited by his sales and is now “rich” (I am waiting for a lovely steak dinner on him) and I was glad to see the back of a few of our bits. Whatever, I didn’t sell I came home and posted either on eBay or FB marketplace to hopefully sell. We then had a slow afternoon playing with our new toys we got from the car boot (I know I went to sell and not come back with more but…) before dinner, baths, and bed ready for another week at school. My first week of school mornings alone, wish me luck.

How has your week been? Do you have any money-saving tips and tricks we would love to hear them (I might share what we are doing in another post).