Hey lovelies, welcome back to my weekly check-in. I hope you have all had a good and productive week. As you may know, Baby bear’s birthday isn’t until June however, he has received an early birthday present from us this weekend. Other than that we have had a busy but quiet week as usual.

We spent the first 4 days of the week navigating work, school, and homelife/housework. However, Friday I had my first day off work since Baby bear has been back at school which was very strange, to say the least. I spent the day catching up on some work I needed to get done, me and Daddy bear enjoyed a cheeky Greggs lunch date before walking to collect Baby bear from school. As lovely as it was I missed my little man crazy amounts.

Midweek we got a very exciting delivery, Baby bears big early birthday present. He has been asking for a bigger climbing frame for a while now, so we decided to get him one for his birthday. We had a look online picked out a bunch we liked and showed Baby bear for him to pick one. Which of course, he picked the most expensive one which was a lot of money but affordable for us. However, it had a curly tunnel slide which he doesn’t like and not much about it. So Daddy Bear had another look online to see if we could find one similar without the tunnel slide as we refused to buy a climbing frame with parts he wouldn’t use and be wasted space. We finally found one we liked but was holding off to closer to his birthday however, Daddy bear had other ideas and brought it as an early birthday present.

So after Daddy bear working on clearing the area ready for us to build it. So you guessed it lucky us, we got to spend the weekend building Baby bears new climbing frame. Yes we know his early birthday present is 3 months early but he is only little once, we are doing the garden and well all in all we wanted to.

As I mentioned in this week’s Wednesday post, I have been collecting addresses ready to send our save the dates out. Which is really exciting and making it feel very real. It still doesn’t feel real we are getting married after so long but we are and I can’t wait to become Mrs.A.

So other than this weekend we have a very non interesting week. We are still waiting to hear about adoption stuff, we aren’t able to see anyone or go away where yet so it’s a bit of a boring one really. But I hope you all had a good week and a lovely weekend before another week. So here’s to a nice and quiet week ahead of us, see you all Wednesday x