Welcome back lovelies, the Easter Holidays have begun. We have had a busy week after our weekend away and preparing for me and Baby bear to stay in Essex for a week. As well as our usual life of work, school, swimming and everything else.

Monday, I had a full day at work which was a struggle after our super late night/early morning arrival home from a weekend in Essex celebrating my sister in laws 21st and my mother in laws birthday as well as mothers day. So once we were all home from work and school we did nothing. the boys fell asleep on the sofa just after dinner so I transferred Baby bear into bed and attempted to get Daddy bear upstairs with me but I couldn’t get him to move so went to bed myself and turned his side of the bed on so when he did come up it was warm for him.

Tuesday, once we were home from work/school I had some paperwork I needed to do so Daddy bear took baby bear to the park so I was able to focus and get it all done. Once the boys were back Daddy bear cooked dinner while Baby bear was in the bath having a wash and warm up. We then had some family time before it was Baby Bear’s bedtime. I then headed into the office to start on the decorations I needed to make for my Sister’s 21st party on Saturday. After a few hours of work on the Cricut, it was bedtime again.

Wednesday, I had a slightly later start to work which gave me the chance to do some housework before I had to leave. It was then swimming night which V drove us to this week which was a nice change and gave Daddy bear some time to sort a few bits out. It was a very good lesson and I’m super proud to say Baby bear got his stage 2 swimming badge and 5 meters certificates and badges. We then came home-cooked dinner and I pottered around the house doing the end of the housework. I also spent some time in the office finishing up the end of the decorations I needed to do. I had a very productive night if I say so myself.

Thursday, was another full day at work but Baby bear had a club after school today so I got to have a half-hour to myself to blitz the kitchen before having to pick him up and sort him out. His birthday present also arrived so I helped Daddy bear hide that until it is his birthday. I also had to get the bigger suitcases down from the loft so I could pack for mine and Baby bears week’s trip to Essex to see some friends. So I had a very busy evening while Daddy bear was out at games night as I also needed to pack the car ready for us to leave straight after work/school on Friday.

Friday, I had work all day. At the end of the day I picked Baby bear up from school met daddy bear and we started our journey to Essex. I even drove the first 45 minutes of the journey (I was planning on driving further but my knee started to really hurt so Daddy bear took over). Once we arrived, I had to head out to the shop with K and my mum to get all the food for the party so after we finished that I got to finally sit down and relax after a busy week.

Saturday, we got up pretty early and started to sort the decorations for the party. We also had a baby shower to attend so we also needed to get ready for that. Once it was time to leave us 3 headed to our friend’s Baby shower while the party started at my parents. After a few hours at the Baby shower, we headed back to my parents to go to my sister’s party. We may have got a little tipsy but it was a good night.

Sunday, we had to go and get Baby bears glasses fixed as he had broken them on Friday at school. Once we had then fixed we headed back to my parents so we could head out for a walk along the sea wall before heading out for dinner for my sister and nans birthdays. We had a table booked at The Ship and I couldn’t recommend it enough. It was lovely food, wonderful staff, a lovely atmosphere, and good value for money on both their drinks and food. There is also an outside play area for children which was very helpful with Baby bear and he enjoyed it. After the meal, we headed home for Daddy bear to give him a haircut before he packed up the car with him and Mia to head home.

We have an exciting week planned for the first week of our easter holidays what do you have planned?