Hey Lovelies, welcome back to my weekly check-in, hope you all had a good couple of weeks, before I start I want to apologize again for the lack of posts lately. It’s been an exhausting couple of weeks, both I and Baby bear have been poorly so lots of covid tests have been happening. As well As a lot going on which I can’t share just yet but hopefully, soon all will be revealed so I’ve been a little overwhelmed and preoccupied. However, I will endeavor to get back onto schedule and back into the swing of things again, I hate not posting and I honestly think not posting is having an impact on my mood. Anyway, here is how our week has been (Starting last Sunday as it was exciting).

So Sunday, I was able to finally take my maid of honor and bridesmaid to try on dresses and show them the style I had in mind and the 2 other bridesmaids likes. I was also able to go with my mum this time which was amazing and I’m so glad I was able to include her in this. I’ll share more on that in Wednesday’s post (a wedding update). We then went into a shopping centre to look at possible shoe ideas, we also ended up having some lunch and cocktails as let’s be honest it would have been rude not to. Before heading home ready for another week of school and work.

Monday was the same as every week, I had work till late so the boys had their usual boys day once Baby bear was home from school. We have started a weight loss thing with our friends D and A in preparation for the wedding so Monday night saw me going some boxing and Scissor kicks.

Tuesday, we had L for the night which was fun, it had been a while since we spent proper time with her so we enjoyed it. They both had kids club after school so I was able to come home and do some housework before they needed picking up. However, a full day at work and 2 children is exhausting so it was an early night for me but after Daddy bear surprised me with Ed Sheeran Tickets to his Mathematics tour next year. I am so excited I have love Ed for the longest time and have been saying about seeing him since his last tour so I’m a very happy girl.

Wednesday, I spent the morning doing some housework and relaxing before I had to go to work. Daddy bear was in the office to so I had the house to myself which was blissful for a few hours. Wednesday is swimming day so after school, it was home to get changed have a snack before heading there. I must admit me and Daddy bear were exhausted at this point in the week but things didn’t stop. I also received a very exciting email when I finished work which made the stress levels rise and added a lot onto our plates but for this, we don’t mind.

Thursday, I got an unexpected but welcomed break, when I went to pick Baby bear up from school his teacher asked if he could stay at the after school club he had asked to go to. Of course, I said yes because why not, so I got to go home for an hour and sort out some bits and sit scrolling through Facebook for a while before having to go back and get him. Thursday is also Daddy Bear’s game night with his friends so once he had gone out and Baby bear was tucked up in bed I quickly packed our bags ready for our trip to Bedford this weekend before cuddling up in bed with my new Cathy Glass Book. If you love True Life Stories and Inspirational Memoirs genres books I highly recommend reading her books I love them.

Friday, straight after work I picked Baby bear up and we loaded up the car and headed for what we thought was a weekend at a beer festival and trying our caters food. Not much happened other than that really, but the weekend was eventful.

Saturday, we got the wrong weekend for the beer festival so it ended up the boys doing some work on the garden while I and my aunt went into Luton to look at some fabric shops for the bridesmaid dresses. We also spent some time at the church setting up for Harvest on Sunday.

This leads us to today. As always on a Sunday when we are in Bedford, we got to enjoy a Sunday mass at church with Father Paul and my Aunt. After mass, we then enjoyed a lovely Harvest lunch with everyone at the church and got to meet a lovely couple who are also getting married very soon so of course, we had a chat about that and just life really. After lunch, we helped load the car with all the food bank items before heading back to my aunts to pack up and say our goodbyes before heading home. Not much has happened since we have been home so I hope you enjoyed hearing from me again and I will see you all Wednesday for a wedding update.