Welcome to my Weekly check-in, if you follow me on Instagram you would have seen I announced I was changing some things up here on the blog for 2021. One of my new updates is a Weekly check-in every Sunday. Every Sunday I want to post just rounding up the week. I’m hoping this becomes a little safe place for you to come and decompress, catch up with our family, share your exciting news or just have another insight into what we get up to each week.

I started this on the 1st so this is a 3-day weekly check-in but I wanted to start from the new year. So here goes…

I decided I was going to have a sit-down and think about what I want for the blog in the year to come. What changes if any I wanted to make, things I wanted to add and just a plan of action (if you know me you know I’m a planner). This is where I decided I wanted a new upload schedule (last years didn’t work well at all) so I am now going to upload a post on Wednesdays that will be like my normal content. Then every Sunday I am going to post my weekly check-in. I’m also going to do the #yearofphotos over on Instagram but now I’m doing these weekly check-in posts they won’t be as long which I hope you enjoy.

Other than planning what I want to do this year here, we haven’t been doing much. Just relaxing before Daddy bear goes back to work tomorrow and myself and baby bear return to work/school Tuesday (if he goes back- that’s a whole different post). We have, however, been on a family walk to one of our favourite places Snipe Dales Country Park. It was so nice to be back out in nature with our wellies, coats and thoughts.

I have also been busy doing some baking. I tried my hand at making macaroons for the first time which if I do say so myself are delicious. I also made some healthy breakfast Apple Cupcakes for Baby bear as he enjoys them as breakfast before school and I know it is something he will eat. If you know Baby bear you will know how hard it can be to get him to eat so… And lastly I was a product tester for Daddy bear and made some biscuits using his new cookie cutters from his new 3D business that he is setting up and getting ready to launch within the new week. For updates on that head over to his Instagram page.

Next week is going to be busy one with us getting back into our routine, Daddy bear launching his new business, celebrating A’s birthday (over facetime ofcourse) and Fertility stuff. I hope you enjoyed this and share your thoughts and plans for next week as well as how 2021 has been for you so far with me. Look out for a new post going on Wednesday as well as my next weekly check-in post next Sunday.