Welcome back lovelies, I went to Bingo for the first time ever at 25 years old. I know I know, and I’d like to say I was good at it but… Anyway, how are all my lovely people doing? We are on the home stretch before a week off of school are we all ready? Last week was a different one, so here’s what happened.

Monday, I still had the banging migraine but soldiered into work it was my late day so once I was home I headed to our dark bedroom for a bit while Daddy bear sorted dinner. After dinner, I decided to start making the confetti for the wedding which is hole-punched leaves. I still have quite a bit to make but I have started.

Tuesday, my head was still banging but with nothing helping, I headed to work again for another busy day. Baby bear was going to after school club and Daddy bear headed out to B&Q which meant I got to have 45 minutes to myself before it was time to pick Baby bear up. Once we were home it was another night of dinner, bath, and housework before an early night to bed to try and hopefully sleep the migraine off.

Wednesday, was an interesting day! I woke up feeling fine other than this horrible headache. However, by 10.30am-ish I started to feel super sick while at work. I kept going thinking nothing would come off it. I figured it was a lack of food and taking painkillers however by 12.45 pm I was bringing my lunch back up and being sent home from work. Straight to bed for me where I stayed for the rest of the night trying not to throw up anymore. I was gutted to miss swimming but Daddy bear took him and said Baby bear did really well.

Thursday, I had to be off work due to being sick. I was feeling no better and was sick for the third time that morning. As the day went on I was able to keep some toast down and swop the washing over in between laying down and napping. To top it off I started to cramp which really was the cherry on top of the cake.

Friday, I went back to work still not feeling 100% but better than I had. Luckily by lunchtime, I wasn’t feeling sick anymore, and after sickness, hunger started to kick in. I also started bleeding so I think that played a part in the hunger, to be honest. Daddy bear had planned on going out so me and Baby bear got a few hours just us to watch and film and cuddle. I also sat and did some more confetti.

Saturday, I was so glad to be feeling better which meant I didn’t have to change our plans. We got up and went out for breakfast before heading over to Hubbards Hill for a walk with V, C, L and of course Mia. We had a lovely walk around before we picked a spot by the stream to have our picnic and let the children play in the water for a bit. We then headed home for us girls to get ready for our night out at Bingo. It was my first time at Bingo and I was poor at it (I’m going to blame the alcohol not me). It was either way a good night out, I had fun playing Bingo and we were even home earlier than V had said so win-win for me.

Sunday, once V, C, and L had left the boys headed out to go swimming and do whatever Daddy bear had planned for them while I stayed home. I’m lucky and don’t suffer from hangovers so I took the time to change my winter wardrobe out for my summer one, I got to organize under the bed and have a potter around the house. Once the boys were home they weren’t hungry so Daddy bear went out and cut the hedges while I finished tidying up before making Baby bear a snack before bed. Once he was in bed Daddy bear went and got us some KFC munch while we played a couple of games of Magic before bed.

Here is to the last week of term, we have a very busy week ahead of us but we are ready for what the week will bring. I hope you all had a lovely weekend.