Hey Lovelies, welcome back to my weekly check-in, hope you all had a good week. If you saw last week’s weekly check-in you will know I fell down the stairs and hurt myself. After a week of struggling with a lot of pain, I started to feel better, went to see family for Baby Bear’s birthday which we took him bowling for the first time. Here is how this week has been for us.

So obviously on Monday, I was meant to be at work but I was in so much pain from the fall I was stuck in bed all day. I hate taking time off work and letting my team down but I physically couldn’t move so had no choice. We are so lucky to have some wonderful friends around us to help when we need them. Daddy bear couldn’t take Baby bear to School for me so our friend M took him to school for us. By the end of the day, I was feeling a little better with the strong pain killers and knew work needed me so I made the decision to go to work Tuesday.

I woke up Tuesday morning back in a huge amount of pain again but got ready and headed into work. Which if I’m being honest not only caused more pain but I also felt pretty rubbish being there all day but not being able to do much of my job at all. So I come home early and then spent the rest of the night in bed with a heatmat.

This meant I took Wednesday off work too which as much as I hated it I couldn’t move again, it wasn’t as bad as Monday but defiantly very painful. At this point, I started to worry about the housework ready for Thursday as we had an important meeting (that’s all I’m going to say about that) but Daddy bear was amazing and made sure the house was ready for us. Baby bear then had his swimming lesson again which he is doing so well at and we are so proud.

Thursday we had a very exciting meeting which we have been advised not to share any more about the subject for now so I know you all would love to be kept up to date in real-time on what’s going on we have to think about the bigger picture. I will of course share what I can when I can but for now, this is the last I will be talking about it on here. After our meeting thought Daddy bear treated us to a cafe lunch before picking Baby bear up from school.

Friday I went into work again as I was feeling better, still very sore but well enough to be in work. After work we then packed up and headed to Essex to see our family to celebrate Baby bear’s birthday with my in-laws.

Saturday we booked to take Baby bear bowling with his birthday, we also went with Grandad, V, E,B and L. we had such a good time. Baby bear loved bowling and has requested we go back again which is good with me as I love bowling but couldn’t really play this time because my back was still hurting. We then got to spend some time with V, L, B and E before heading to see my dad for a while for an early fathers day as his working today. As it was Baby Bears birthday celebrations he picked Kebab for dinner.

So then we are at today. Happy Father’s Day to all the amazing fathers out there especially Daddy bear. We spent the day with my in-laws before packing up the car and heading home for one of our busiest weeks.

So here is to another week, and send help with how busy we are going to be but it will defiantly be worth it x