Welcome back my lovelies, how are you all? It was my first week back at work this week and even though I was paying for it pain wise I loved being back. I am back on lower hours with adaptions to my role but I’m back with my collegues and the little people so I’m happy. We also had an exciting weekend so lets jump into our week.

So Monday was my first day back at work and if I’m being honest i was a little nieve in my thinking of how it would go as I had been doing light housework around the house and was able to get on and off the floor easily. However, my job is apparently alot more taxing that at home because after only 3 hours of work I was in extreme pain and needed help from my collegeues to finish my jobs. It was also paperwork night so Daddy bear picked Baby bear up from school then met me at the park on my way home to help me home with my work stuff. Once I was home Daddy bear run me a warm bath to rest in while he sorted dinner. It was a night with lots of resting ready for the rest of the week at work. I wasn’t expecting it to be so painful after a month post surgery but my goodness it was and only got worse throughout the week.

Tuesday, I got to around the same time and needed to stop and sit down, even with my strong painkillers I was in so much pain I couldnt push through anymore. However, I work with some amazing girls and they stepped in and made sure I was okay and helped get what needed doing done. Daddy bear went to collect Baby bear and L from after school club for me while I rested. Once L went home it was another night of not doing anything by resting.

Wednesday, I was at work again, I’m not going to keep say about work I’m sure you all get it at this point it was painful. However, Wednesday means swimming and this week was an exciting week L joined baby bear’s class. They both did so well and Baby bear was so proud of his best friend which was lovely to see. Daddy bear stayed at home this week to concentrate on some bits that needed doing and to sqeeze in a workout. His weightloss is going so well and I couldn’t be prouder of him.

Thursday, it was daddy bears game night and I was really paying for my week back at work so I had another warm bath before laying in bed until Daddy bear was done so I could see him before I went to bed.

Friday, after we finished work and school we headed home packed up the car before heading to Bedford to see some family for a catch up and do some wedding prep. We also had a lovely surprise of my parents being there to so Baby bear was very excited to be seeing his favourite great aunty and uncle as well as nanny and grandad.

Saturday, we woke up and headed out for breakfast before our wedding cater came over to go through some more details and pricing. It was very successful and after our meeting the boys headed into the garden to do some jobs out there while we headed upstairs to start making my bridesmaid dresses and mums mother of the bride dress. It was more the royal we as C did all the work while me and mum helped organise her craft room before making my bouquets and groomsmen flowers. It was a very productive day and am so happy to have more things ticked off the list of To Do.

On Sunday, we got to attend church, the church we will be saying our vows in very soon. We love going to church so it was very welcomed. We then got to enjoy a lovely roast dinner with C, P and D before loading up the car to head home.

So all in all it was a good week from going back to work to seeing family and getting wedding bits done. I hope you all had a good week and here is to another busy but productive week ahead.