Welcome back my lovelies, I hope you’ve all had a lovely week. Our week has been a little strange but we are getting back into our routine and the swing of things now I’m back at work. I’m still not back to 100% at work but I’m getting there and it’s helping us fall back into a routine of things. Here is how our week has been with our new routine.

Monday, was my work late day so Daddy bear picked up baby bear from school and got him changed before heading to the park near my work to wait for me to finish. We then played at the park for a little while with L and V before we headed to our local sweet shop to pick up some treats before heading home. We then settled into our nightly routine of dinner, bath, and bed for Baby bear before Daddy bear and I sat down to look into Baby bears birthday request. He has asked that we go to The National Space Centre for the day, and as we try and do a day out each year we wanted to see how viable this was. I am shocked at how affordable it was and can’t wait to see his face when we go in June.

Tuesday, Baby bear was at after school club so while he was there I headed home and wrote the shopping list so we could go and do our food shop. Once we were home the boys headed out on their bikes while I put the shopping away and cooked us all dinner. Once we had dinner it was soon time to put Baby bear to bed and climb into our bed with Daddy bear to watch some TV and have some quality time together.

Wednesday is swimming and Date night. Baby bear did so well at swimming and even though we are having issues with him listening at the moment he did amazing in the pool. Once we were home we fed Baby bear and sorted him out from swimming. Once he was in bed we sat down to enjoy our dinner before cracking out the new board game we got for Christmas – Cash Flow. I’m going to do a full review of it during the week but I will say now it is a very good game.

Thursday, Baby bear was at another after-school club so I headed home to put my feet up for 45 minutes before heading to pick him up. Daddy bear had a game night so once he was out and Baby bear was in bed, I pottered around with some housework before heading up to bed with a cup of tea for the night. My pain levels have been a lot better this week but by Thursday night I was starting to struggle.

Friday, my last day at work before a much-needed weekend and break. It was also red nose day so Baby bear had a crazy hair day at school. Thanks to V for sharing her colored hair spray I gave Baby bear a very cool hairstyle which he loved. Once we were home, the boys headed to the park again while I wrote the blog about our gentle parenting before preparing our dinner for us to sit in front of a movie for some family time. Before bed, it was a well-needed bath time for Baby bear where we tried to get all the color out of his hair. It was somewhat a success getting the color out but the wax on the other hand wasn’t so successful.

Saturday, we headed into town to run some errands. First on the list was dropping the car off at the garage to get the tracking done of the front of the car which also ended in needing 2 new tires so that was more expensive than we planned. We then had a wander to the post office to pick up a letter before heading to Tesco to pick up some birthday cards and mothers day cards. Once we had finished there Daddy bear headed back to pick up the car while I headed to Argos with Baby bear. He had seen some Lego sets he wanted to spend his Christmas money on so off we went. Once we got his lego we headed home to do some gardening. Its that time of year again when I needed to clear the planters out ready for this year’s veggies. I also gave Baby bears playhouse the yearly spring clean ready for him to enjoy again this summer.

Sunday, today, Baby bear had a birthday party to go to today for one of his school friends. Before we went I pottered around the house and gave Baby bear another bath in hopes it would finally wash the end of the gel out. He had an amazing time, once the party was over one of his friends headed home with us for a little play date while her mum was at another party with her brother. Once she had gone home we headed over to V’s quick to pick up something before home for dinner and relax before bedtime.

Its been quite the week but we are ready for another fun week and to continue to get back into our routine of work, after-school clubs, home life, and housework. I hope its been a good week for you all to and here’s to a few more weeks of school before end of term.