Welcome back my lovelies, it has been a busy week full of preparations, a day out, a sleepover, our mini stag/hen, and more. I also thought it was my week to go back to work but without a fit to work note, I was unable to go back early which meant I had to have another week of work before I’m going back to work finally. So here is how my last week at home has gone.

Monday, I spoke to my doctor about returning back to work early which as I guessed was denied so I spent the day pottering around the house and transferring Baby Bear’s rooms over. It is nearly done now, we just need to add his wardrobe, hang his shelf, and pictures then we are done. Even without all this, he is loving his new room. I then spent the evening in the office creating some exciting things ready for the announcement very soon.

Tuesday, V, M, and I decided we would head into town for some lunch and a wander around while the children were at school. We went to a little cafe which was quite nice before heading into a few shops, it was the first time I had driven the car since my surgery which was exciting. So while we were out I dropped off something I was selling to help get the clutter out of the house. We then went to pick Baby bear up from school. It was also Pancake day, so we got to enjoy some yummy pancakes for dinner while watching a movie together. Once Baby bear was in bed I spent the rest of the night in the office continuing on from yesterday.

Wednesday, I got to have a lunch date with Daddy bear in his lunch break. Other than that I took the day to relax a little as we had L for a sleepover that night while V was at a funeral. Once we picked the children up from school we headed home to get Baby bear ready for swimming. L loved watching him in the pool and will be joining us next week. We then headed home to enjoy a date night, our first in a long time. I decided I wanted to cook, I picked a rack of lamb with honey-roasted carrots and roast potatoes. It was very nice if I do say so myself.

Thursday we had our last big meeting with M which was a success. However, we found our Daddy bear needed to go on a diet so while I went and picked Baby bear up from school Daddy bear went out on his bike. It was a busy evening that’s for sure. I had booked for me to retake my theory test as it had timed out (thanks COVID) which I sadly just failed but considering the day we had and the fact I had done 0 revision I did really well and only missed it by a couple of points on my hazard perception. We then had to rush home as Daddy bear had a game night at our house. So while the boys were playing I spent another night in the office doing some bits for the wedding before heading up to bed.

Friday, I didn’t get up to much at all, however, I did have a meeting at work to go over my going back to work next week and what that would look like for me. My parents arrived just after dinner Baby bear had no idea they were coming so it was very funny watching his reaction when he saw them walk in.

Saturday, I’m not going to go into much detail as I have written a whole post about it but we had our mini stag/hen. If you wanted to see what we got up head over to my latest post here to read it.

Sunday, today. I haven’t done a thing and it has been perfect. Daddy bear and Baby bear headed out on their bikes for a bit so I took advantage of the time alone to have a peaceful bath. I then had a nap before playing with Baby bear before dinner. Before bed, Baby Bear and I played on the Switch together at his request and now I am sitting writing this before I head up for an early night before going back to work tomorrow.

I hope you have all had a good week and here is to another productive successful week.