Welcome back lovelies, how were your half term holidays with your little people? We stayed at home this half term which was nice and it gave us time to spend with friends. It was also jubilee weekend so there were a lot of things going on in our local community.

Monday, we kicked off half term got up, and went for breakfast with V and L before L came to our house before we all head over to Safari Soft Play. I’m going to do a separate post on it as it’s one of our favorite soft plays. Anyway, we packed the children a packed lunch to have on the way and headed off. We all enjoyed a run-around and play before getting ice cream and heading home.

Tuesday, I booked Baby bear into a sports day so after I dropped him and L-R off for the day I headed home to do some bits. I spent most of the day in the office hole punching some more leaves, wrote a blog post, and did some wedding bits. I also organized my desk which looks amazing (I shared a photo over on Instagram) Once he was home I spent some time with Baby bear playing video games before dinner time.

Wednesday, I had a hospital appointment (again another post) so I spent the morning pottering around the house doing some housework before we head off. While I was in the hospital the boys headed to the garden center. Once I was finished we headed home stopping in to get some fish and chips for dinner. Once we had finished dinner we settled down to watch a film before bed. Once Baby bear was in bed I headed back into the office to customize my travel bottles.

Thursday, Daddy bear spent the day with his friends playing games while me and Baby bear headed to spend the day with some friends. It was amazing weather and so nice to spend the day with friends. After spending the day relaxing we headed home to have some dinner before bed. I then spent the rest of the evening back in the office, you guessed it doing wedding signs. I’m happy to say that they are now all finished and looking amazing.

Friday, myself and Baby bear and headed out to a queens jubilee sports day in our local community with our friends M, E, and A. It was such a good day out and we even won a couple of races. Once it was finished we all headed back to our house to let the children continue to play while I and M relaxed and had an adult conversation. They ended up staying for dinner which was lovely. Once they were home we put baby bear in the bath before bedtime.

Saturday, we headed back to our friend’s house this time with Daddy bear, we spent the day watching the children all play together while we all relaxed by the campfire. We enjoyed a BBQ, and drinks before I brought Baby bear home to bed while Daddy bear stayed to spend time with friends.

Sunday, as it was the last day of half term we spent the day at home, Daddy bear and Baby bear spent most of it in the workshop playing with the CNC while I did all the housework and made sure everything was ready for returning to work and school. I also finished off another wedding blanket and started another so we are getting there with them.