Welcome back lovelies, we have had lots of half-term fun but I am ready to get back into the school routine and swing of things. I love having Baby bear at home don’t get me wrong but he struggles with not being at school and having the routine.

Monday, my friend M came over for the day to see us. Once we got talking I opened up about how much I’m struggling at the moment so she suggested getting out of the house for a while. So we decided to take a trip over to Tattershall Farm Park, as both children will like it and they did. We enjoyed lunch there while we were out before taking a walk around to see all the different animals there. Baby bear enjoyed feeding all the animals while Sweet bear watched and babbled away at them all. Baby bear even got to walk a goat with M which he loved and Sweet bear found very funny. The children then had a run around the sofa play area before we headed home. It was a good day out and defiantly needed.

Tuesday, I booked Baby bear into a football club through Magna Vitae. He has attended one before and really enjoyed it so when the opportunity arose again I booked him in. I had to take the car into the garage to have the tires aligned and as I was in town I was going to do the weekly food shop so Daddy bear took Baby bear to his football club. Daddy bear didn’t feel well so once I was home I put away the shopping I then made us a valentines day lunch. Daddy bear wanted to rest so I cleared up and headed over to see V and L before going to pick Baby bear up. Daddy bear made us a beautiful 3-course meal for valentines day. He made us homemade Caramelized onion and Goats cheese tarts, followed by chicken wings, homemade chicken chow mein, and duck pancakes. He then made homemade Eton Mess with homemade Merngue. We then cuddled down with a movie in bed. Daddy bear really pulled all the stops out this Valentine’s day, he brought me 2 pairs of Fairfax and Favour shoes, 1 pair of navy Daisy Heels, and 1 pair of Taupe Regina boots. He also brought me a Dyson Airwrap.

Wednesday, we had a chilled day at home. The children played all day and I pottered around the house catching up on some housework. Daddy bear still wasn’t feeling great so we had an early night. Pretty uneventful day to be honest.

Thursday, our plans were canceled as M was taken unexpectedly to the hospital. So I booked to take the children to an Earth exhibit at the Embassy Theatre. Baby bear is a huge space fan so it was right up his street and we spent 2 and a half hours in there looking at the Earth, listening to a Scientist speak about the Earth. There were also some art activities available to do and to top it off it was a completely free day out. They are showing the Moon and Mars in the coming weeks that I have promised to take him too. Once had finished there we went to Mcdonald’s for a treat before heading home. Once home, I found Daddy bear in bed from feeling so unwell so I looked after him and the children until they were in bed. I then reset the house before heading up to join Daddy bear in bed.

Friday, I booked to have some photos taken of the children before we headed to soft play with some friends. Both children had fun running around before we headed back to Mcdonald’s with them for lunch before heading home back to a sick Daddy bear. Before dinner we took Mia for a walk with K and H and their friend’s dog Rex, it was a lovely walk and of course, Baby bear ended up soaking wet from taking a dip in the creek. Later in the evening, Daddy bear requested some Lucazade and I needed to buy a birthday card for Baby bears friend. All was well until I got into some trouble with some tree roots by my drive as I was parking. So after a long cry, I had a shower and then used my new Dyson Airwrap to style my hair ready for an early start Saturday.

Saturday, we had a birthday party to attend early so we were up and out early. I picked up a friend on the way and we headed to Jump Warriors. We had a great time and enjoyed spending the morning with friends. Once we were home Daddy bear had a look at the car in the daylight as the passenger side doors were getting stuck (which he is now fixing so no car for a few days). Still feeling under the weather he laid in bed playing switch with Baby bear before bed while I worked in the office. He then joined me for a little while before heading to bed.

Sunday, Daddy bear and Baby bear had a layin while I and Sweet bear got up. She played in the living room while I organized a few kitchen cupboards that have been driving me mad. I then pottered around until the boys got up. I also emptied the freezer and made a note of everything we had in there ready to do this week’s meal plan as I wanted to have a bit of a clearout. I then sat at the table and planned our meals ready to do the weekly food shop. Due to having no car at the moment, I had to do an online order instead of doing it tomorrow. We then put the children to bed before heading out to the office to write this post and make some more products ready to add to the shop (no I haven’t forgotten it I’ve had a sick child).