Hey Lovelies, welcome back to my weekly check-in, hope you all had a good week. So as you saw in the title Daddy bear turned 26 this week, Happy Birthday Babe. This week has also knocked me off my feet but I’ll go into that later. Either way, it has been a good week so here’s what we have been up to this week.

Monday I picked up my new responsibilities at work back in the room which was amazing to get back to doing what I love. This includes working late for planning like it did last year which looks very different now as we are moving away from paperwork and going onto Tapestry. I’m lucky as we use Tapestry with Baby bear at school so I know my way around it quite well. After a long day at work, I had the best surprise, my boys met me outside work to walk home with me. Once we got home Baby bear crashed on me cuddled up so the night was a bit of a write-off but I love it really, it’s not very often he falls asleep on me anymore so I take what I can get.

Tuesday I had work but once I got home we started emptying our room and laying our new laminate flooring in our bedroom. We only got about halfway done before we had to stop because it got too late but it was already looking amazing and so different from the horrible carpet we did have. By 7ish I started to get a migraine so it was an early night to bed to try and sleep it off ready for work Wednesday however that wasn’t the reality.

I had one of the worse nights of sleep I’ve had in a while and I just couldn’t shake the migraine which lead to me having a day off work Wednesday as my head was pounding, my vision kept going blurry and I just couldn’t function. However, while I was nursing my head Daddy bear the wonderful man he is finished the flooring in our bedroom flooring once he had finished work so we could put our room back. It was also my and Daddy bears 9 year anniversary so after we took Baby bear to his first swimming lesson back for this term, we settled down to a movie and cheeky Chinese to celebrate.

I was feeling better so I got up Thursday and got me and Baby bear ready for work and school, only to throw up 30 minutes before we needed to leave which meant no work for me again. Great… I can’t thank V enough though after a call to her she come and got Baby bear for me and took him to school so I could go back to bed and rest. After 6 hours of no throwing up I tried something to eat only to bring it straight back up, great I now had a stomach bug. Another day spent mainly in bed, I tried to do a little tidying up in between feeling either very sick or throwing up.

Luckily it was only a 24-hour bug and I woke up Friday feeling a lot less sick, I still didn’t feel 100% but I was definitely feeling better. I, unfortunately, wasn’t allowed into work as I had been sick Thursday evening which was rubbish but… Our friends D and A also arrived to spend the weekend with us for Daddy Bear’s birthday which has been lovely seeing them and spending time together. Friday also marked the year countdown to our wedding which is so exciting but also very daunting as we still have so much to do but we will get there. A and I popped out to grab some last-minute bits for our birthday boy before Daddy bear and A headed out on a mini road trip to get Daddy Bear’s new motor bike. Happy birthday, babe, there’s your present haha.

Saturday then was of course Daddy Bear’s birthday, the day was spent doing all Daddy bears favourite things. We had his favourite breakfast, before he and A headed out on a bike ride on their pushbikes. When they got home they then took Baby bear out on his bike for another bike ride with the 2 of them. When they were home I made everyone lunch which daddy bear quickly ate so he could head out on his motorbike for a little while before we headed to Skegness for a go on the go-karts before going out to a restaurant for his birthday meal. All in all, it was a very good day and Daddy bear had a great day. It’s crazy to think this is the last birthday he will celebrate as a non-married man. Happy birthday, Daddy bear, next year married life.

Today, we got up made some bacon sandwiches before heading over to our favourite forest walk Snipe Dales to collect some blackberries to make a crumble for dessert and well to just get out and have some fresh air. It also gave Daddy bear a reason to take his bike out while I drove the car with everyone else behind him. I will say I’m still not used to seeing him on a bike but I love how happy he is. We then came home and I cooked what I must admit was a pretty good chicken roast dinner and an apple and blackberry crumble for dessert and a relaxing evening before getting Baby bear bathed and in bed ready for another week at school. I have also woke up full of cold which is making me feel like I’ve been hit by a bus but I’m determined to go back to work tomorrow (it’s defiantly not Covid either I’ve taken 3 tests in 2 days too double-check).

Hopefully, I’m feeling better soon or it is defiantly going to be a long week but we can do this. Hope you all had a good week and feel free to comment and wish Daddy bear a happy birthday I will pass them all along to him.