Welcome back lovelies, Happy Easter! How has your second week of the easter holidays been? Ours has been really chilled which has been lovely.

Monday, I spent the day unpacking from our trip while Baby bear enjoyed his new Fire Stick in his room. No more Dino Dana or Lego downstairs… yay! We also played a game of hunt the glasses which was great fun and ended in a trip to the Options to pick a new frame and order another pair. Does anyone else have a problem with their children keeping their glasses on their faces?

Tuesday, we got to have a catch-up with V and L with a trip to the local soft play. It’s been ages since we got to see the girls so we enjoyed our afternoon with them. Once we got home we headed to pick up our visitors for the week, Rosie and Nugget the chickens from work. They are only 8 weeks so need constant care and looking after still. Baby bear is very excited to have our house guests with us and to be fair I’m enjoying having them but we defiantly aren’t keeping them, they are returning to work Wednesday.

Wednesday, was another day of pottering around the house before we headed out to the park for a picnic with K, E, and H. It was short-lived as it started to rain so we headed back to our house to continue the playdate. I needed to grab some more sawdust for the chickens so we headed to our local pet shop before going to meet Daddy bear to go on an easter egg hunt.

Thursday, I was having a day of tears, my cycle started again and yet again I was in immense pain. I am more upset I’ve gone through surgery and one of my worst recoveries to help this pain for nothing. However, this was nothing a day slow, relaxed day and a good cry didn’t fix. We didn’t do much and it was lovely, to be honest, to just take a mummy Baby bear day.

Friday, was another mummy, Baby bear day. We watched a movie, played some video games, and just enjoyed our time together. Baby bear also enjoyed having the chickens out of their cage running around. Daddy bear was out after work helping our friend so once Baby bear was in bed I settled down with my laptop to do some work for the evening.

Saturday, Daddy bear was out again with our friend, Baby bear also had one of his friend’s birthday parties which I took him to. It was at the local soft play which all the children enjoyed. Once we got home I had to pop out with A to grab some things for dinner and chicken food. Once we got home A cooked us all dinner while I looked after Daddy bear as he isn’t feeling great at the moment. After dinner Daddy bear put Baby bear to bed while I helped A pack some of his things in the car and put the rest in our loft for storage until they have a new house. Although it was hard work and my back killed we have a laugh together.

Sunday, today, Daddy bear was out with A again so it was me and Baby bear. I had booked to go swimming with our friends K and H which was so much fun. Baby bear loved swimming and playing with H. Once we were back home I sorted dinner which while we were eating ended up calling 111 for Daddy bear ending up with him heading to the hospital for some medication. To not worry everyone he has had hiccups for the past 3 days that have been getting worse, making him throw up and be generally unwell so enough was enough we needed to do something about it. It was a quick trip to the hospital and he is back home now with some medication that will hopefully help.

We have 2 more days left of our Easter holidays, as much as I’m going to miss just me and Baby bear time I am also looking forward to going back to work and seeing the ladies and children. I hope you and your little ones have enjoyed their Easter break and Easter.