Hey Lovelies, welcome back to my weekly check-in. Firstly, I hope you all had a lovely Easter and you all had a good week and a lovely weekend. If you saw my post on Thursday you will know we are finally on our Easter holidays.

If you saw on my Instagram page you will know I had to rush Daddy bear to the hospital (2 in fact) Monday evening as he had cut his thumb really badly and was losing a lot of blood. He was cutting conduit with a new Stanley blade in his knife and cut down the middle of his thumb leaving only a little bit of skin keeping it attached. So as you can probably imagine that was scary but after a failed trip to an urgent care which is closer than the hospital and I didn’t know what to do we were sent over to the hospital where they x-rayed it and dress the wound for him. We are so lucky that V and L were here having a socially distanced catch-up in the garden as we were able to leave Baby bear with her while I took Daddy bear.

So come Tuesday we were super tired as you can imagine so after taking Baby bear to school I head home for a quick nap before we had to head out to the doctors for my very first smear test. I was going to write a whole post about it but let’s be honest most of us know what a smear is like and it went really smooth so now just got to wait for my results. We did treat ourselves to a lunch date at KFC while we were out which was needed if I’m being honest.

I then had work Wednesday and Thursday before we all broke up for the Easter holidays. I have lots of fun things planned which I shared Thursday and I have received some more fun ideas from you, my lovely readers which is amazing. Breaking up from work and school meant that Baby bear could finally start his sponsored reading challenge which he is loving so far and we have got in a good routine with reading for 20 minutes each morning with breakfast. We are already 50 minutes in and a lot of the bingo crossed off and we have only been doing it 4 days. I’m so glad I signed him up for it.

However, Friday was a cleaning/baking day ready for our afternoon tea Saturday and then our Easter with V and L Sunday (that’s the reason this is a day late). We had such a fun day yesterday with friends and I may or may not have had a few too many adult juices so was in no fit state to do much yesterday. I know very irresponsible but it’s been forever since I could have drinks with my bestie so we enjoyed it even if it was 2m apart.

We have another fun-filled week planned ahead of us which I will share over on my Instagram and Facebook page. So I hope you have a lovely week and I will see you again Wednesday x