Welcome back lovelies, first off let me say a huge Happy Mother’s Day to all you mums out there. I hope you had the best day with your little ones and enjoyed all the day had to offer. This being said I also want to offer a virtual hug to all the mummas out there today not able to cuddle with their sweet bubbas for whatever reason.

Monday, Baby bear was still off school and feeling poorly. After seeming to perk up over the weekend I think Baby bear over did it as he went backward and woke up feeling very poorly again. So it was a day of looking after him, making some phone calls, and doing housework. Monday is usually my reset day but that didn’t really happen in between looking after both children and not feeling great myself.

Tuesday, Baby bear was still not at school today however, I did book a visit to the GP to get him some more antibiotics as he had run out and was still not better. The doctor confirmed he still had Strep A and Tonsilitis so gave him another 7 days of strong antibiotics. After the doctor, I stopped past the shop to grab some more Lucozade as I was still feeling under the weather. Before the doctors, I was in bed with a migraine so I defiantly needed some time to help. Once we were home I waited for Daddy bear to finish work before heading back up to bed for an early night and rest.

Wednesday, Baby bear went back to school today which he was very excited about and it was nice to see him back with all his friends. While he was at school I got ready and headed out for my new tattoos. I have been waiting for this day for a few months now and the nerves defiantly started to kick in. I am so in love with my new sternum tattoo. While I was there I also added Sweet bears balloon to my family tattoo. Once I was finished I picked up Baby bear from school and as soon as we got home he crashed out on the sofa bless him so no swimming this week.

Thursday, I was very sore from yesterday’s tattoo appointment so I didn’t do much. However, Daddy Bear and I headed out on his lunch break to do a little bit of shopping and have some lunch which was nice. We had to grab some last-minute bits for mother’s day and some bits for the garden. My aunt then popped over for a cup of tea and catch up which was nice and needed. I have been struggling with my mental health lately and talking about life helps a lot.

Friday, Daddy bear finished off the carport and it looks amazing I could not have been prouder than him. While he was working hard Sweet bear and I went out for a lunch date with our friends K and E which was lovely and we missed our girlie lunch date with friends. Once I was home I helped Daddy bear finish up before he moved the car back onto the drive ready for him to look at it again. The car looks amazing under there and I can’t believe it’s finally done.

Saturday, was a busy day for us and it was made even worse by the lack of a car again. To start off the day Baby bear had an archery competition with his scout’s group, before coming home to get changed and ready to head back out for his school friend’s birthday party. He had a great time and Sweet bear stayed with Daddy bear so I was able to sit and natter with friends for a few hours. After we were back home I headed out to grab us a Kebab for dinner as well as some snacks for a family movie night. It was a nice chilled night before Daddy bear took Mia out for a walk and I did the online weekly food shop before bed.

Sunday, it’s Mother’s Day which meant I got to have a lay-in before I got up and Baby bear gave me the cards and gifts he made and the gift he and Daddy bear brought me. I then enjoyed a cream cheese and salmon beagle before Baby bear and I started building my Lego Orchid. The children and I then got ready and headed out to feed the ducks before going to play in the park for a while. After a play, we headed home to finish building my Lego set and sort out dinner. We had BBQ Pulled pork loaded fried for dinner followed by cookie dough and ice cream. It’s been a good day and the first one with 2 of my babies which was very exciting.

I hope you have all had a good day too and here’s to the last few weeks of school before the end of term.