Hey lovelies, welcome back to my weekly check-in. Firstly I want to start off I want to wish you all have Happy Valentine’s day, I hope you all had a lovely day and got to spend the day with the people you love wether that be a partner, your child/ren, or family members.

We had a pretty good start to the week, I had Monday and Tuesday off work so I got to spend the week setting up Baby bears week of home learning. It is easier for Daddy bear if I do homeschooling with Baby bear while he works. Not that we did much homeschooling Monday as it started snowing here Sunday night so after Baby bears online lesson in the morning we practiced his number formation then head out to play in the snow. He absolutely loved it, we were out there playing for a good hour making a very sad looking snowman, running around making footprinted and throwing snowballs. It was amazing to just see him properly smiling, laughing, and just being a child. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again this homeschooling thing is hard for us adults and our little people. I honestly didn’t think it would affect Baby bear as much as it has. It makes my heart sad to see Baby bear struggling and his spark dull a little. I know I’m not the only parent finding this with our little people.

The snow was only fun Monday before I just become like an ice rink. Of course, Baby bear didn’t believe me that it was icy now and he couldn’t play in it from Tuesday so we got all dressed up to go and ‘play’ for Baby bear to take 2 steps and slip over and declare mummy was right and he wanted to come inside. Typical haha.

Anyways, I was working Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday which meant Daddy bear was left homeschooling and working full time while I was gone. It was Chinese new year so we had loads of fun at work which helped make this week easier. I have felt off all week which was quickly explained Friday when mother nature came to pay me a visit.

We decided that because this weekend was Valentine’s Day weekend we would have a relaxed weekend watching films, playing board games, and of course, the boys playing video games. It has been a while since we have just taken a step back, there is always stuff to do on the weekends, renovations, catching up on housework, and well life. Don’t get me wrong I have some making up to do this week but it was worth it. Since moving away from family we have always done the same thing for Valentine’s day it’s become a bit of a tradition really. We always have a steak dinner with some processco/wine followed by a yummy dessert after Baby bear has gone to bed. We then cuddle down for a movie and snacks. This year was no different.

We normally go out for a walk or something but because it’s still so cold, icy and well I’m in pain we spent the day playing games and watching movies together at home. I also want to say quickly I know this weekly check-in is a day late as it normally goes up on a Sunday but I write these on the day to keep it all up to date and honest. However, with yesterday being Valentine’s day I just wanted to talk the out day with my boys and unplug a little.

So this is our week, I hope you had a good week, and here is to a week of no homeschooling. I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I will see you all on Wednesday and we will be back to normal next Sunday for our weekly check-in.